hey fediverse: anyone have any recommendations for people to follow posting interesting nontechnical things?

hi! I haven't posted on mastodon in a while but would like to get back into things here. uhhhh

if you're looking for something mildly interesting I wrote a thing on how to build your own reverse geocoder using postgis and open street maps:



the article discusses how people make product decisions based on how they think people will perceive them for having made that decision. eventually I鈥檇 like to use this principle to move [american] society away from the aspects of society that are unsustainable. for example, I want it to be more socially acceptable to purchase an electric scooter than to purchase a car.

awoo! hello #fediverse. we are a the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, as the name describes, an incarcerated member led section of the #IWW, a revolutionary union.

Our presence here is an experiment of sorts. We hope our time translates to getting us closer to freedom for our caged members and ultimately, #prisonabolition

We're in the midst of a nationwide (and Canada too) #prisonstrike

Learn more at incarceratedworkers.org/prison-strike

mastodon privacy 

since this is coming up again, i feel it's important to stress the following facts about privacy on mastodon:

- DMs are stored in plaintext in the database
- yes, this means admins can access them
- it also means they will be accessible if your instance DB is leaked

- however: this is the same as the situation on any other mainstream social media site
- at the end of the day you should make sure you trust your admins

- ultimately: don't use mastodon for privacy-critical messages

great article describing a decentralized mechanism of mapping globally-unique/cryptographically secure identifiers to human-readable names: github.com/cwebber/rebooting-t

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