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The president of the EU Parliament Antonio Tajani, who boasted that he convinced the Zuck for a live-streamed hearing, only managed to prove he was a part of Zuck's entourage.

The hearing's process was designed in no MEP's (and by extend, citizen of EU) favor, as it was a round of questions that had to be answered by a juggling performance of the Zuck, condensing all the important points to irrelevancy.

I hope mr Tajani gains many likes on his F***book posts about the successful hearing.

Yesterday, the Zuck strolled through the EU Parliament hearing.

Most of the questions asked were blended into summed replies, with the Zuck providing the familiar stock, confident, apologetic tone, blended with misdirected statistics (e.g. monopoly practices).

If you're still wondering how shadow profiling is implemented and why it's necessary, now you know it's "for the protection of our users".

Save for a few MEP's questions, the process was highlighted as a waste of time.

Performing a dist-upgrade for Debian flavored distro BunsenLabs (jessie->stretch).
Fingers crossed it goes smoothly, although I'm itching for some config hacking 🙃

Props to this post in BL forums

I failed in reader mode this time, tab switches between loaded images


1. Press TAB while reading a long article on a website
2. Achieve maximum frustration with 500ms latency

AMA for tips

If was a sport, I'd win a NullReference medal.

Public money, public code.

If you live in the EU and agree that publicly funded software development shoud be required to be open-sourced, please make your voice heard:

Why is the mm/dd format still legal on this planet?