I’m a freelance project manager running and other projects for NGOs and businesses with an ethical purpose.

Would be great to meet more people interested in using , and to benefit society and repair our broken democracies.

Also interested in , and all things .

Roots in both and

@stefan hi! I'm Ian, co-founder and Trustee at CodeThe City. Were now in our eighth year of using tech and data for civic good.

As part of thst we are big advocates for #opendata.

We have established as a portal for finding open data in #Scotland.

I'm also a trainer (mostly in #wikidata) for the Wikimedia UK foundation.

I'm always up for a chat, and for exploring potential collaborations.

@watty62 good to meet you Ian and thanks for the link – looks great. Have just signed up to the mailing list so I can keep up to date and good to know what you work on too – always happy to look for opportunities to connect people or to collaborate.

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