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now I’m officially at the scary stage of developing against the ETRADE api, placing actual orders in production 💰

Fall-inspired 🍂 soap using 200g chicken fat, 400g lard all from locally raised animals 🐓🐄🧼

excited about all the potential uses for the locally raised chickens we’re getting today 🐓
roast? ✅
bones in a stock? ✅
excess fat into soap? ✅

bought two nerite snails to clean up some black algae, they’re gendered so the chances of getting a breeding pair were less than your garden-variety pond snails, also they’re supposed to only breed in brackish conditions. today i wake up to dozens of squiggly tiny moving lines on the inside glass of the tank. add onto that the half dozen baby blue shrimp (neocaridina) where there was only 1 a month ago and it looks like my single betta tank has become an invertebrate tank 🦐 🐌

just finished new spring (prequel) now onto eye of the world which I guess is the official first book of wheel of time 🐍☸️

I’m a huge time zone nerd and I find this kind of drama/minutiae just fascinating 🌐

when you spend an hour tracing thru your code, implement some protocol oriented programming and add a stubbing library just for a 1% increase in code coverage 📈

just started the complete wheel of time series, see you in a year 📖

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Good morning. Be aware. Be gentle. Be present. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

who needs coffee ☕️ when you can wake up to the smell of a 150+ line java stack trace fingering the compiler for a tokenization error

been agonizing the past few days over how to architect a complex trade order object for the stock market. initially i thought the java builder pattern could work but i was waved off of that by a dev that pointed out that the boilerplate and nullability were too big of tradeoffs especially when compared to the type-safety, named arguments and immutability of data classes with constructors

the media, as usual given their preferred soundbite approach, did a terrible job explaining the nuances and complexity of the evacuation from kabul. here is a much better and much more complete picture of what happened 🇦🇫 🛫

you can tell the guys who wrote Jackson have seen some serious shit just by looking at all the annotations they’ve added to handle special one-offs, likely due to having to deal with garbage APIs powered by xml to json converters. kinda like the hell I’m in right now dealing with the e*trade API. anyways, hats off to the Jackson developers

watching this beautiful sunset unfold while a local artist covers Red Rain by Peter Gabriel 🌅🎸

Three months overdue but glad to see the administration actually using the power granted to them by the voters instead of coddling a bunch of horse paste eating conspiracy theorists 💉

looking thru activity monitor and surprised to find that apple's own SpeechSynthesis framework is still running as an Intel process, guess they neglected to build this to ARM native for Big Sur

not my best crust 🥧 but the flavor is all there thanks in part to local gala apples 🍎 and honey 🍯

the charger for the M1 MacBook Air (right) is approaching the size of an original iPhone charger (left) 💻

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