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seeing the webview tracking story in the tech adjacent press leaves me even more convinced we will see significant changes come next google io/wwdc to these SDKs.

ten years ago, mobile dev was the wild west. the address book was wide open. you could track users via their mac address. all of these were eventually shut down thanks to advertisers/apps abusing them. expect the same to happen here. 📱

there are a lot of valid use cases for having an in-app web browser (WKWebView on iOS, WebView on Android) vs. a browser-lite experience (SFSafariViewController on iOS, Chrome Tabs on Android). but thanks to facebook and their abuse of it, the in-app web browser will probably be removed or severely restricted in its use thus, somewhat ironically, forcing features to be re-implemented natively. thanks zuck.

big news out of Livermore today, inertial confinement experiments have succeeded at the NIF, fusion might be closer than we realize. take that ITER! ⚛️

always interesting to see how some European names are translated to Chinese, sometimes the meaning is used and in other cases it’s just phonetic. since she’s been in the news a lot lately this is 裴洛西 (pei-luo-si) or how Nancy Pelosi’s name appears in Taiwanese media 📰🇹🇼

just watched ep 5 of (“24/7”), has to be one of the more intriguing hours of television I can recall. it’s almost a standalone episode plus the actor that plays John also plays the shame wizard on big mouth which just makes it kinda ironic

when you accidentally turn your smoker into an oven (should be around 250-300 oops)

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having automated just about everything we can in our deployment pipeline and making tons of mistakes along the way, I really dig this idea of bringing type safety and other programming paradigms to GitHub Actions

fun times flying into IAD today, waited out some thunderstorms and raced a Qatar airways jet (think it was a Dreamliner) 🛬

Apple makes it incredibly convenient to load up a transit card before you even travel saving you the hassle of staring at some Rube Goldberg-esque ticketing machine after 6 hours in the air while locals and tourists alike pile up behind you passive aggressively sighing 🚇

alright america, time to update those passports and book your travel 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 ✈️ 💵

it's frightening to think how much govt, small biz, etc are dependent on unverified scripts having super user access to computers via microsoft apps

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