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it's frightening to think how much govt, small biz, etc are dependent on unverified scripts having super user access to computers via microsoft apps

golden age of tv has ended 📺 but reduced costs should lead to less hot garbage like wheel of time. will be interesting to see how this affects potential future seasons of yet to be released blockbusters like house of dragons 🐉 or rings of power 💍

either that just struck our house or the neighbors 🌩

first the netherlands now south korea, external payment providers is coming to ios globally and sooner rather than later 📱💵

so is it too late to talk about packing the court? it’s so frustrating being a member of a political party whose leadership is so completely unprepared for what’s coming

Wiehle-Reston opened in 2014 and in the 8 years since has managed just 11 miles, the last spur to IAD. Better late than never I suppose 🚇

funny how google and samsung were steadfastly against any sort of wallet-like app, opting only for the payment stuff while ignoring all the other things folks have in their physical wallets. now they're furiously copying features apple has had since 2016.

time for MoCo, PGC and HoCo to start throwing their weight around and elect some pro-transit pro-growth governors

this person’s actions directly led to every full-time engineer at capital one being required to get AWS certification. a lot of folks griped about it but i was only too happy to have someone pay for something i’d been thinking about getting for awhile. anyways, i don’t buy their white hat hacker excuse but the 30 years sought after also seems excessive.

this video confirmed the biases i have against carbon offsets, notably around fraud and disjointed incentives. however i also was surprised at the sheer amount of initiatives and approaches groups are taking to tackle the problem. i still think some sort of regulatory framework will be necessary before mass adoption or before i ever consider buying them 🌳

filed a report w/google maps last month that they mislabeled a fire break as a road when the real road was a ¼ mile south. so what did do? they just labeled both w/the same name which will definitely not lead to confusion.

it’s what I’ve been advocating for for years in my roles as a hiring manager. create a process, get buy in, adjust as need be but most importantly _follow the process_. it’s mind blowing that a C level thinks they can judge a developer’s skills and potential just thru a 15m coffee chat

decided to do this new project with retrofit + gson instead of the usual jackson, right out of the box there are tons of useful default serializers that just work plus adding multiple custom deserializers is supremely easy

on a long enough timescale, every cable channel becomes a 24/7 triple D

weird because we are literally the only people here 🍷

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