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super deep dive into how NSO used an unremarkable compression algorithm bundled with CoreGraphics PDF reader to implement a Turing machine for their iMessage zero click exploit

easy to focus on the negatives of this past year but it is amazing how far and fast we’ve come with globally especially when compared to previous vaccination campaigns 💉

w/out a clear way to pass a callback to a child route in router v6, redux seemed like the best way to pass data back to a parent component and amazingly it worked using a dispatch

think i've finally got a handle on tho i have some complaints i'd like to speak to the manager about
- HOCs vs hooks, googling issues leads you to the former which req add'l libraries like recompose and end up being too clever by far. hooks are the simpler way to go.
- routes, implemented very diff in v6 vs v5 and googling can lead you down a very wrong path.
- just overall lack of a single way of doing something common like a basic crud app.

overall, a very powerful flexible framework.

so wrapped up in wheel of time and foundation that I nearly missed that final season of the expanse starts streaming tonight 🪐

Flettner rotor sails! i remember hearing about them like 15 years ago, they seemed like magic then and they still do now, hopefully they can help contribute to the greening of the shipping industry 🌬 🚢

saw the JWST a few years ago when it was still under construction at Goddard, now it’s got a launch date and if all goes as planned it will provide an entirely new view of the universe much like Hubble did 🛰🪐

in a moment of sadomasochism, i decided to deep dive into reactjs. i then added a helping of self-flagellation by doing it via wrappers which are hilariously unstable and buggy. i abandoned those efforts after about an hour and reverted to standalone react but aside from some weird ssl issues w/node latest (reverted to lts) i have been making headway 👨🏻‍💻

looking at sql orm options for kotlin and while i initially thought hibernate with it's proven track record was an easy choice, i'm tempted by ktorm's functional sql approach and not needing a whole bunch of annotations

owing to hosting 20 people, ended up getting 2 birds, first was your standard grocery store turkey which i deep fried and the second a locally raised heritage bird which was roasted 🦃🍁🍽 hope all had a wonderful

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Intel's 4004, the world's first single-chip microprocessor:

4 bit
2300 transistors
108 kHz clock speed
50 years of age

Happy Birthday!

impressed at how well the amazon sword has grown in and really taken over 🐟🌿

ktor added to project and running within 5 minutes, easier than I thought it’d be 🏃🏻

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