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transcribing my grandfather’s journal, still in early 1974 and he casually name drops grace hopper claiming he attended a ceremony where she was awarded an honorary doctorate at upenn and wouldn’t you know it but the timelines match 👩‍🎓👩‍💻

it seems like the least Microsoft could do is load these drivers into a virtual environment and listen for unnecessary outbound network calls vs mindlessly signing them as authentic

I think the last time my name found its way into a programming weekly was when I was still doing Ruby full-time

what I initially chalked up to a bug I’m now wondering if there’s a nefarious IntelliJ plugin in my one of my project’s dependency graphs

“All these meetings … 50 percent of it can go away if people have the courage.” 🏢

amazing how google can build out this incredible backend for android phone products to intelligently block spam, talk to merchants on your behalf, etc. but can’t even put a multi-select checkbox on their google voice product, guess it’s a sign they’ll probably kill it soon

when you were drinking coffee on a saturday morning i studied the bla^H^H^H polynomial curve fitter function in the apache commons package ☕️

getting an early stay on celebrating our newest federal holiday with this lovely brew from charm city 🍺

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having spent the past decade immersed in uikit i find myself doing a personal project in kotlin and using java swing as the ui layer. it's easy to find fault w/the overall architecture but i’m trying to keep my critiques valid given when it was created and that apple’s native cocoa isn’t super intuitive either.

if you're trying to output a movie file using on mac , it's vital that your codec matches up with the file extension. example: use the 'H264' codec with the '.mov' extension.

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