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in case you had any doubt about the power of Australian media, I’m currently working my way thru Rake while the kids are addicted to everything Bluey 🇦🇺

always thought radioactive decay ☢️ or some other unpredictable process (like incoming cosmic rays) would make a great rng but it actually might introduce more problems than solutions

putting together a 20g aquarium setup for my oldest and i’m way more excited about this than i was putting together my last pc or rasbpi 🐠🐡🐟

a cool crisp rosemary & sage flavored kombucha is perfect for our first real warm day of spring 🌻🌞

i have a newfound love for the INDIRECT function in google sheets

picked up some reds from barboursville a few weeks back 🍷 and tonight had the opportunity to pair it with tomahawk steaks 🥩 + crab Oscar 🦀 and steamed asparagus

key takeaway “But many seem related to a deeper, generational disillusionment, and a feeling that the economy is changing in ways that reward the crazy and punish the cautious” 💵

we use misfits and while the lettuce typically requires some add’l pruning/washing, been mostly satisfied with what’s delivered

there's another malware in ads thing going around where iphones will see a message pop up in the browser that looks a lot like a system message and asks you to d/l a scam app from the app store. these scams can be shutdown immediately yet apple continues to to abet these scammers. hard to take apple’s new flashy stuff srsly until they fix their core product

the three row suv with 710hp that can do 0-60 in 3.5 secs that nobody really needs (but built it anyways)

sugar-free quick pickling daikon might be my new go to way of prepping it.
* ½ part white vineger
* ½ part apple cider vineger
* 1 bay leaf
* heavy dash of salt

ready after 24 hours in the fridge, consume w/in 2 weeks (which shouldn’t be an issue).

i get excited at just the thought of taking my 6sp manual challenger out for a drive but can’t deny that autos have come a long way from the 90s slush boxes i remember

few months ago would not have believed that I’d be watching a 30 year old tv series from David Lynch yet here I am binging twin peaks on a Thursday ⛰⛰🦉

and this is why we can’t have nice things like say maglev trains 🚆 or infrastructure that isn’t 80+ years old. when do we pass laws forbidding lawsuits against infrastructure projects? at this rate we’ll never build anything

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unfortunate for the WSJ Opinion Board to weigh in on this so late but now that we have a ruling, it looks like big business CEOs, and thus all PMCs, are workers after all, and I hope we can all welcome them in the struggle

booked travel ✈️ for the first time in 1.5 yrs, used the united app which somehow had gotten worse in terms of ui/ux. example a: filter/sort located at bottom of screen, randomly disappears and tapping can bring up app switcher. example b: share functionality simply provides a txt message saying 'i bought a flight' instead of, you know, your actual itinerary. it's like the folks that built this dont actually use it.

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