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Did anyone ever use keybase for anything other than proving who they are on keybase?

guess I shouldn’t have ignored the flames on the stovetop changing from blue to orange recently as there is now a crew of utility workers outside the house jackhammering away at the gas line 👷🏻‍♂️

netflix will green light anything, literally anything

scanned the skies but did not see the rocket from where i am just north of dc, guessing due to its flight path south over east coast of brazil. oh well maybe next time

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BTW I'm a web developer at Big Nerd Ranch, and right now we're hiring for a lot of different roles: Vue, React, Node, Go, and Java. I absolutely love working here. If you have any questions about the openings, plz let me know.

a desolation called peace, the follow up to arkady martine’s memory called empire, will be released on 3/2/2021

what’s it like to go thru life without ever having to face the consequences of your actions even if they lead to the deaths of others 🤔

trying to learn a tonal language with in-person teaching: incredibly difficult
doing the same but over zoom: mario bros super seigen zero death run level of difficulty

i still don’t understand the appeal of clubhouse esp when we have platforms like twitch. i prefer to engage with folks thru writing (blogs, discord, etc) or using video/audio ala zoom. audio only feels like a step backwards

nothing like waking up to an email from your kid's daycare about elevated radiation levels. no not worried just found it slightly amusing

anybody else buying their kids all these new star wars high republic books? had to go to an actual store to buy some because amazon was sold out

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