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great read about domain name trading which i honestly hadn’t thought was a thing since 1999

after about 3-4 attempts I think I’ve finally mastered soft boiled eggs 🥚

first thing to do post purchase of a new Dodge Challenger: remove the unsightly banana covers 🍌

per a bobby flay recipe I’m substituting crème fraîche this year for the sour cream in the mashed potatoes but having a tough time even figuring out if there’s a difference in taste 🥔🦃

love how fixing one google pagespeed complaint causes it to complain about the exact same asset but in a different context and now the past 3 hours feel like a waste, thanks google

great reminder today just how redundant modern browsers are, was working on my homegrown kotlin server trying to add webp support and realized that the lack of a proper content-length and content-type was an issue. meanwhile jpeg, png, etc "just worked" despite the malformed headers.

thought i knew a fair amount about internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) but there was stuff in this article i'd never even considered like that we use “quotes” while the french use « guillemets»

not the prettiest but not bad for a first attempt at Filipino lumpia 🇵🇭

started asking my grandfather a few years ago (he turned 95 this year) about his wwii experience, got a wealth of descriptive stories like when he arrived in manila just a few weeks after the japanese were defeated, how utterly destroyed the city was. thank a vet for the freedoms we all enjoy and if possible record their stories 📸

missed opportunity, should have made them look like the frog eggs from s2e2

can we please move on from these pointless cleetus safaris that do nothing but enforce stereotypes urbanites have about rural towns. also, there’s nothing Warhol like about the mural it’s a clear tribute to Fairey’s Obama Hope which just makes it even more ironic

as the single page app (SPA) model matures, newer ideas are starting to nibble at the edges. as an adherent to the kiss philosophy, i can’t say i was ever a fan of SPAs but i admire the sheer amount of effort folks put into them to make them work

it isn’t higher taxes, gov’t regulation or any of the other conservative tropes that are killing our economy. rather it’s garbage like this rent-seeking behavior which is aided and abetted by those small gov’t types

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