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good to see some of the restorative elements of the cli-fi dystopian novel Windup Girl slowly becoming reality 🚢

a solid day of encapsulating and componentizing some to drive a headless authorization to the e*trade api

here i am messing around observables, singles and disposables when all i really needed was a good ol’ fashioned Thread.sleep

everything you wanted to know about batteries and why tesla’s battery day was really understated in terms of what they revealed about their new tab-less design 🔋

been doing functional programming for the better part of a decade now but I always enjoy exploring it in a new language and has been no exception. specifically in this post i dive into HOFs and lambdas with a sprinkling of generics in order to parse command-line arguments

feel like no apps are handling iOS 14’s new photo permissions model well, for instance on telegram if you give an app permission for a photo then delete said photo while app is backgrounded it shits the bed when app is back in the foreground, weird because they had months to test it

didn't expect to spend the weekend neck deep in but here i am 🤷🏻‍♂️

My take on “Hello World” in using IntelliJ to create the artifact with a bit of thrown in for good measure

absolutely amazed, even though i know i shouldn’t be, that the country’s so-called business elites/leaders ie the chamber of commerce did zero due diligence and zero risk mitigation on the politicians they supported. now that the horse they went all in on has jumped the fence and is racing towards the stands they’re suddenly concerned about how to maintain their influence. oh the schadenfraude

having trouble connecting to the e*trade api? or maybe you’re just interested in doing some data science on the stock market. here's how to connect to the e*trade api with postman 🏦

fortunately i req'd a mail-in ballot but in what universe does it make sense to offer an option to people that will require hand copying their ballot while also being aware of the potential of having to scale to millions 🤦🏻‍♂️

thank you to all the contributors of moment.js and their hard work to bring date and time zone sanity to javascript. rather than thinking of it as “dead” i’d like to think of it as long term stable.

sudden hankering for del taco but the nearest one is 700 miles away 😭🌮

i've got to take KYC and AML training every 3 mos meanwhile these guys actively ignore any/all red flags, what even is the point of the dept of treasury or justice if the “too big to fail” banks can’t be taken down for money laundering 🏦🧼

and by "total war" they mean letters, lots of letters, some of them strongly worded. oh those senate republicans will rue the day i tell you, _rue the day_

after a long delay due to covid, life, etc I’ve finally found the time to polish up my homebuilt blogging software and integrate it into my personal website, intention is to use it as a space to explore +

i have yet to find a single press outlet announcing the tiktok/wechat ban with a headline starting out "CITING NO LEGAL PRECEDENT…" and only a few, such as this from the verge, talking about how dangerous a precedent it sets and not just for big tech

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