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you read the comments in the article, on twitter, etc and it feels like the toxicity of /r/childfree has infected the workplace. everybody subbed to that toxic garbage dump would be better served subbing to /r/latestagecapitalism and learning to direct their ire at the actual folks responsible which is not their co-workers

as TSLA grinds its way back up after having just had a 5-1 split you look at the market and suddenly realize…

a dilophosaurus with Gatling guns? a cybernetic Stonewall Jackson fighting a T-Rex? these and other Confederate revivalist fantasies can be yours at Dinosaur Kingdom II 🦖 (the first one burned down in a fire but definitely not for the insurance money)

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@ssoper That's a great article. The link within the article about Teixcalaanli names doesn't work, but I think this is what it was trying to link to.

i will not binge s3 of rust valley restorers i will not binge s3 of rust valley restorers _proceeds to binge_ 🚗

what happens when you let marketing architect your app and yes that’s no less than 3 sep ways to “contact” the dealer all on screen at the same time

Being just halfway thru A Memory Called Empire I can confirm it’s a well deserved win esp when you consider it is Arkady Martine’s debut novel. Eager to follow that up with This Is How You Lose The Time War ✨🪐

Inspired by Las Chicas de Las Tres in Street Food I made my own take on a Spanish tortilla 🍳🌮

when your kid’s school district announces they are going “full virtual”

might be late to this but just started noticing a check mark next to phone numbers now along with a message that the carrier has verified the number. anything helps in the battle against robocallers 🤖☎️

statue should have been destroyed years ago but good on the brown family for not wanting to continue a racist neo confederate legacy

prime rib from mt airy, veggies from olney, cherries from Damascus and wine from Virginia

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