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6 weeks to go thru it, not surprised given all the bread, pasta, etc we’ve been making but still, never thought we’d be that 25lb bag of flour at a time family 🌾

watched snowpiercer and parasite back to back, now subbed to latestagecapitalism

Carolina style pulled pork (9 hours in the slow cooker!) with home made sourdough bread 🐷🍞

three loaves of bread in 24 hours, first two my kids devoured before I barely got a chance to try them, figured out I need to bake after they’re in bed if I want to try my own bread 🍞

“When the capital development of a country becomes the by-product of the activities of a casino, the job is likely to be ill-done” –John Maynard Keynes

two potential outcomes from our current crisis as they relate to sovereign debt and the value of the dollar

my yeast seems to have finally found its groove after 4 days

need to invoke defense production act to get s2 of love death and robots out already

getting a jury summons in the middle of a global pandemic is govt bureaucracy at its finest

“Something has ended”
“Something is beginning”
– The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski

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