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veritasium was on point with his prediction of what the black hole would look like in this primer video

the view from the restaurant at my table in Bruges where I’m currently enjoying breakfast, don’t think there’s a non photogenic shot in this whole town

while the shot isn’t good enough to share with r/aviation, thought this photo of a 747 in classic BOAC livery at IAD might interest some folks

orange 🍊 + ginger kombucha, my first drinkable brew in at least 6 mos, looking forward to sharing this one

you could say they caught them …ahem… _red-handed_ 🥁

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Swift 5 is officially released! 🎉😀👏


🤝 ABI stability
🅰 #"Raw strings"#
📦 Result<Type, BuiltIn>
🅱 "Custom \(string: interpolation)"
👻 ﹫dynamicCallable
⁉ flattened = try? optionals()

📖 Full release notes:

not surprising, nytimes digital subscriber base is growing and wapo is finding a lot of success with their arc product. apple's solution is for news orgs who couldn't be bothered to make the necessary tech investment to capture digital audiences

✅ Ale 🍺 (yes I know it’s technically 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
✅ Corned beef 🥩
✅ Cabbage 🥬
Happy St. Patty’s! 🍀

Been a few mos since I brewed, got a nice vinegar whiff coming off this batch so I have high hopes for it 🍊+ ginger

this is new, looks like state govt finally enacting the law passed a few years back

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Dedicated to the lady who is allowing me to put Peppermint Linux on her Lenovo IdeaPad.

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