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orange 🍊 + ginger kombucha, my first drinkable brew in at least 6 mos, looking forward to sharing this one

you could say they caught them …ahem… _red-handed_ 🥁

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Swift 5 is officially released! 🎉😀👏


🤝 ABI stability
🅰 #"Raw strings"#
📦 Result<Type, BuiltIn>
🅱 "Custom \(string: interpolation)"
👻 ﹫dynamicCallable
⁉ flattened = try? optionals()

📖 Full release notes:

not surprising, nytimes digital subscriber base is growing and wapo is finding a lot of success with their arc product. apple's solution is for news orgs who couldn't be bothered to make the necessary tech investment to capture digital audiences

✅ Ale 🍺 (yes I know it’s technically 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿)
✅ Corned beef 🥩
✅ Cabbage 🥬
Happy St. Patty’s! 🍀

Been a few mos since I brewed, got a nice vinegar whiff coming off this batch so I have high hopes for it 🍊+ ginger

this is new, looks like state govt finally enacting the law passed a few years back

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Dedicated to the lady who is allowing me to put Peppermint Linux on her Lenovo IdeaPad.

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I'm currently available for / contract / work (preferable long term). If you need help to push your project forward or to fix some issues, please contact me via DM.

I am happy about and appreciate every Retweet/Boost. 🤗

last batch of kombucha was pretty bad, think my scobys are dead. reseeding with mix of GT’s and my old scoby 🤞

I’m glad I got to fly on it as it’s an impressive aircraft and I hope I get to again. Sad to hear they’ll stop making it in 2021 ✈️

despite what it may look (and smell) like soaking in apple cider vinegar, after being boiled, fried and cut into rings, pork bung is absolutely delicious and goes great with a sweet dipping sauce

nothing like spending your friday evening frantically submitting a new build to the app store thanks to an “updated” policy with a 24 hr notice

If we can put a man on the moon then we can put kombucha in a can

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