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With the shutdown over, the metro parking lot has returned to its usual form

When a guy playing happy birthday on the bagpipes at full blast walks thru the office

Computer science and physics collides with quantum error correcting

Rewiring my HVAC system and replace my dual thermostats with a single Nest was not as hard as I thought it would be. Finally got around to replacing the ancient humidistat today with a relay hooked up so my Nest controls everything now. Also, please label wires!

i was amazed by how quickly the san diego trolley system was expanding with a new station going up in university city, hoping the car-centric west coast continues to explore mass transit options

got to a semi-happy ending of in about an hour, went back and explored the “Netflix” ending and was thoroughly entertained

My first foray into flour-less cooking, a keto-friendly gluten-free Yule log made with coconut flour, Swerve and lots of eggs 🎄🍰🥥🥚

The OPEN Government Data Act is a good start for democratizing our largely pen and paper-based govt

My co-workers put up a life-sized sticker of the Night King next to my desk. Is it because they think I represent an embodiment of pure evil? Possibly!

Oh the amazing things we’ll cut, slice and dice together! 🔪

T-20m until we find out if Insight landed successfully, here's an Oatmeal comic to entertain you in the meantime

Someone brought back a bag of Singapore’s greatest export and I can’t stop eating them 🐠🐣

After growing several massive scobys I’ve decided to reboot my kombucha brewing with smaller batches so I can hone in on my flavors before trying to scale again

What if instead of an endless stream of marketing emails trying to get you to take a survey, dealerships instead sent you a receipt for the work done 🤔🚘🛠

Definitely got the gamification vibe from Duolingo, opting to pay for classes was the best decision I made for learning Mandarin 🇨🇳🇹🇼

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