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New eps of both chefs table and parts unknown landed on Netflix this week 👨‍🍳📺

The new office building/complex at 15 & K where The Post used to be is finally finished

Bourdain’s final episode of Parts Unknown sounds amazing and also heart wrenching knowing what we know 😢 hope I can catch it

Shoulda taken these down to the farmers market to sell 🌶

probably gonna spend days working on my memoji

easier to play johnny ive bingo when you're watching apple events from home 🥃

Adios San Diego, it was fun 🏝🌞

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Finally got my hands on some churros albeit at the busiest border crossing in the world 🇺🇸🇲🇽

Chavela and lobster in Puerto Nuevo, MX 🍅🍺🇲🇽🏖

My first “Impossible” burger, decent flavor and texture for a plant-based product but since I like my burgers pretty rare it probably isn’t for me 🍔

Saw the original birdsite post on these guys but it’s something else seeing one next to you on the freeway

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