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the media, as usual given their preferred soundbite approach, did a terrible job explaining the nuances and complexity of the evacuation from kabul. here is a much better and much more complete picture of what happened 🇦🇫 🛫

you can tell the guys who wrote Jackson have seen some serious shit just by looking at all the annotations they’ve added to handle special one-offs, likely due to having to deal with garbage APIs powered by xml to json converters. kinda like the hell I’m in right now dealing with the e*trade API. anyways, hats off to the Jackson developers

watching this beautiful sunset unfold while a local artist covers Red Rain by Peter Gabriel 🌅🎸

Three months overdue but glad to see the administration actually using the power granted to them by the voters instead of coddling a bunch of horse paste eating conspiracy theorists 💉

looking thru activity monitor and surprised to find that apple's own SpeechSynthesis framework is still running as an Intel process, guess they neglected to build this to ARM native for Big Sur

not my best crust 🥧 but the flavor is all there thanks in part to local gala apples 🍎 and honey 🍯

@daytura looks like they’re pushing 30w thru it but if you get one of the bigger models (like the 16” pro) they’ll ship the larger 65w adapter

the charger for the M1 MacBook Air (right) is approaching the size of an original iPhone charger (left) 💻

when you’re banging your head against the desk trying to debug some cryptic log statements and it turns out all you had to do was build your own image against the new architecture. even tho i’m head over heels for my new m1 macbook air i suspect this won’t be the last intel vs. arm issue i run into 👨🏻‍💻

linkedin dedicated time and resources to building out a copycat feature that’s now predictably shutting down. meanwhile their jobs recommendation algorithm, arguably one of their core features, confuses “software delivery” roles with all manner of delivery (food, furniture, etc). “engineering director” brings up a smattering of building maintenance jobs. clearly a company lacking a north star.

got tired of messing with intellij settings so i blew away my ~/.gradle directory and everything works again 🤷🏻‍♂️

tired of fighting w/osx over space on my ssd so i gave in and ordered a new macbook air m1, a first for me as i have always used pros 💻

apple finally offering all developers the same non App Store payment options as they do big players like Netflix along with a host of other long overdue changes 👨🏻‍💻📱

while it’s frustrating having ridden shinkansen 🚅 in asia only to come back to america’s 19th century rail technology 🚂, it’s even more frustrating knowing that there is a plan in place to put a maglev line right next door (dc 🔁 baltimore) and it‘s being blocked by nimbys 🚄

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Happy Birthday, Linux!

30 years of age.
31,479,666 lines of code.
10.4 changes per hour.
1,031,305 commits.
Almost 25,000 contributors.

Countless freedoms ❤️

great video about how the concept of self referencing in mathematics 🧮 led to the birth of computer science 💻👨🏻‍🏫

actually feels pretty amazing outside right now ☀️🕶

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