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good reminder that a) gods don’t care about the stock market and b) if you’re leveraged you should be hedged 🏦

Ashin of the North was far better than expected, really setting the bar for zombie flicks 🧟‍♀️🇰🇷

you want a fully autonomous self-driving car that can handle any situation? train it on Maryland drivers 🚘

of all the ancient now disappeared oceans, the tethys has always been my favorite 🌍 🌊

you read about a rocket with ~30 engines and you can’t help but think about the disastrous N1 Soviet rocket program. ironically this particular Super Heavy broke the record just today for the most powerful rocket stage ever built which was originally set by the N1 🚀 here’s to dreaming big and testing your rig thoroughly before launch

so relieved that marketers have finally been able to funnel me into the proper micro-segment

new batch of booch with roses, hopefully it won’t be overpowered by the oolong 🍵

I had zero issue with re-upping Disney+ for a full year but I’m looking askance at Netflix every month with their dearth of content and pushing stuff on me that makes little sense given my viewing history

@fribbledom just got back into c++ on a side project, gonna be ripped

finally some success, switching from DB to EAST models has resulted in a 10x improvement in text detection, still need to shave some more time off to make it actual real-time (~25 fps), might take a look at YOLO

been trying to source roses for awhile now but online searches only resulted in merchants on the other side of the globe. went to a local farm today in search of some local bread and honey and was offered this entire jar of rose for just $5 provided I “bring back the jar”. can’t wait to make some kombucha with it 🌹

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