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last exploding pic for awhile. i took this one outside before loosening the cap on it. yes that is kombucha on the roof. no idea where the cap is, probably being tracked by NORAD. lesson learned: carefully measure how much sugar you add in the 2nd fermentation

for a hot minute it seemed like the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN may have had its intended effect but looking back at my call log for the past week I still averaged one unsolicited call per day 📱

@musicmatze strongly considering it, do you have a preferred solution for tracking sources and conversions?

google pagespeed insights claims some js on my site is blocking the main thread for over 1s. the biggest offender? google tag manager 🤷🏻‍♂️

surely there’s a german word out there to describe the mix of depression and hope one feels after watching this vid

grew up in the area being studied just north of San Diego and now all I can think of is the sea wall fight scene from Bladerunner 2049 🌊

@whami @deneb standard sized growler, I knew it was a possibility since I had decanted a few previous however in this case I walked away to tend to something on the stove instead of keeping pressure on the lid, oops 🥴

what ‘booch I recovered turned out pretty well tho!

hey Google, how do I clean up kombucha off the ceiling 😬

so awesome to see a successful launch and landing by virgin galactic $SPCE 🚀

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is this how i end up “volunteering” myself to work on a github project? 😄

after a crazy amount of debugging and learning about all the pitfalls of c++/java interfaces via jni, i finally have a very buggy version of text detection w/#opencv + working

either i’ve found a bug in the jni bindings to opencv or i have no idea what i'm doing 🤷🏻‍♂️

someone actually went to the trouble of cataloguing all the message services google has created (and killed) over the past 15 years, think i’ve used about 90% of them

as the date approaches for two billionaires to test out their space toys let’s not forget that today’s safety margins are the result of humans risking their lives and in some cases dying 👩‍🚀🚀🇷🇺

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Most code on GitHub is crap because most code is crap, period. Most software is buggy, insecure, inaccessible, and unsuccessful at accomplishing its goals

That gets fed into Copilot which will output bad code and, if popular, will dominate GitHub repos, feeding back into Copilot

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