@ashfurrow thanks for all your hard work and dedication in starting this instance and keeping it running

linkedin has always been behind the curve in its aspirations as a social media site and the latest outbreak of bots is no different. unfortunately they're not incentivized to shut down this sort of activity since they need to show constant user growth.

how to combat coordinated inauthentic behavior across social networks is the discussion we should be having, not whether your uncle should have to use their real name when posting lame trump memes.


jokes about cheaper flights to Asia aside, I find geology fascinating especially vulcanism and the supercontinent cycle. attempting to simulate what the earth will look like in 200m years is an incredible achievement 🌎🌏🌋



every reporter there should be asking how much that $600k the FL governor spent on busing migrants to MA could have done to help the soon-to-be victims of hurricane 🌊 but nope, it's like it never happened, media failing at a very basic task


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When you merge that one PR that resolves 10% of your open tickets at once.

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I was always wondering what's the difference between Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Now I know: Google knows about every f*cking payment you make, while Apple doesn't.

More about Apple Pay: codeburst.io/how-does-apple-pa

new silver line stations plus some existing stations getting new names and yes that does mean “north Bethesda” has gone from inside joke to official name


for the first true test of the iPhone 14 camera I took some low light photos in the Natural Bridge Caverns outside San Antonio, very impressed with how much it matched what my eyes saw

terrible UX choice here by Apple, here’s why

* users have been trained to see red as destructive but by habit they always press that top option to confirm deleting a text
* inconsistency in when this pops up
* shaking the device won’t un-report it
* no way to turn off having this pop up

fortunately the feature will be getting reworked in iOS 16.1

@FunkDaLicious yea I wouldn’t be surprised, what’s frustrating is that it’s a Samsung app designed to work with Samsung appliances and while not absolutely necessary to run my washer/dryer it is a nice convenience, guessing they also loaded up a bunch of unnecessary 3rd party SDKs

how does an app that notifies you when your laundry is done take up 700mb?!

this is of course utter horse shit but notorious anti-choice candidate Dan Cox is trying to create a red mirage on election eve so he can claim a stolen election. at least these idiots are predictable


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