@liamolua no kombucha flavor, it was the sour from the bacteria that had taken hold that I was interested in

tl;dr made amazing bread

left the scoby at room temp from last kombucha brew instead of putting it in the fridge, when I pulled it out it had a funk to it which I realized could be used as a sourdough starter, also ended up using the excess heat from the kombucha to warm the yeast. this is the first loaf I’ve made that I can say I’m proud of 🥖💪

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Anyone who ever schedules meetings with developers, please burn this image into your brain, thanks

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It's not just JS. It's computers in general. It's a constant game of staying up to date with how to do the same old things. Take Linux. You used to be able to just run some init scripts to restart services, and check your logs in /var/log, but now it's systemctl and journalctl all of a sudden. Also, you're apparently not supposed to use ifconfig anymore? Such changes are completely pointless to 99% of the users, for whom the old way worked just fine. It's just one more thing to remember.

veritasium was on point with his prediction of what the black hole would look like in this primer video youtu.be/zUyH3XhpLTo

the view from the restaurant at my table in Bruges where I’m currently enjoying breakfast, don’t think there’s a non photogenic shot in this whole town

while the shot isn’t good enough to share with r/aviation, thought this photo of a 747 in classic BOAC livery at IAD might interest some folks

orange 🍊 + ginger kombucha, my first drinkable brew in at least 6 mos, looking forward to sharing this one

you could say they caught them …ahem… _red-handed_ 🥁

@deshipu I’ve only started eating this stuff in the past 10 years, feel like I missed out growing up

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Swift 5 is officially released! 🎉😀👏


🤝 ABI stability
🅰 #"Raw strings"#
📦 Result<Type, BuiltIn>
🅱 "Custom \(string: interpolation)"
👻 ﹫dynamicCallable
⁉ flattened = try? optionals()

📖 Full release notes: developer.apple.com/documentat

@deshipu ah yes I see what you mean. they’re this pinkish color when you buy them so maybe they’re prescaled.

you’d love dinner tonight: fried pork bung which is exactly what you think it is. lower intestine of a pig that’s soaked in vinegar, boiled then fried with chilis and sliced up. so good! 🤤

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