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actually feels pretty amazing outside right now ☀️🕶

new batch of booch with roses, hopefully it won’t be overpowered by the oolong 🍵

been trying to source roses for awhile now but online searches only resulted in merchants on the other side of the globe. went to a local farm today in search of some local bread and honey and was offered this entire jar of rose for just $5 provided I “bring back the jar”. can’t wait to make some kombucha with it 🌹

last exploding pic for awhile. i took this one outside before loosening the cap on it. yes that is kombucha on the roof. no idea where the cap is, probably being tracked by NORAD. lesson learned: carefully measure how much sugar you add in the 2nd fermentation

hey Google, how do I clean up kombucha off the ceiling 😬

after a crazy amount of debugging and learning about all the pitfalls of c++/java interfaces via jni, i finally have a very buggy version of text detection w/#opencv + working

amazing how google can build out this incredible backend for android phone products to intelligently block spam, talk to merchants on your behalf, etc. but can’t even put a multi-select checkbox on their google voice product, guess it’s a sign they’ll probably kill it soon

getting an early stay on celebrating our newest federal holiday with this lovely brew from charm city 🍺

about 4 hours worth of hacking on and i've managed to make some headway on an attempt to to create a lane detection system in , lots left to do tho!

an attempt at a tequila sunrise 🌅 using fresh pressed oranges 🍹

watching new videos from RealLifeLore and PBS Space Time about the impending space junk apocalypse that were released within 24 hours of each other 🛰🗑🌎

love just heading outside to the garden to collect lunch 🥗

having in airport maps supported at the OS level is so much easier to use than the 3rd party stuff (ie Locus Labs plug-in)

first time seeing a 737 MAX 9 (N37508) which are only flown by UA in North America. note the “shark fin” engine cowling and double winglet. this one was departing SAN.

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