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love just heading outside to the garden to collect lunch 🥗

back on that kombucha brewing after a long hiatus 🍵

having in airport maps supported at the OS level is so much easier to use than the 3rd party stuff (ie Locus Labs plug-in)

first time seeing a 737 MAX 9 (N37508) which are only flown by UA in North America. note the “shark fin” engine cowling and double winglet. this one was departing SAN.

ah yes who can forget those halcyon days when you had to clean the internals of your tape storage media player 📼

Leviathan Falls, the final book in The Expanse series, comes out 11/16/2021. set your reminders!

saw this sellout in a few mins while waiting at changi airport in Singapore a few years ago, now it’s available locally 🐟

a cool crisp rosemary & sage flavored kombucha is perfect for our first real warm day of spring 🌻🌞

picked up some reds from barboursville a few weeks back 🍷 and tonight had the opportunity to pair it with tomahawk steaks 🥩 + crab Oscar 🦀 and steamed asparagus

a nice way to spend a spring afternoon 🌻🍷

jasmine rice 🍚 , home made curry 🍛 and store bought naan 🫓 because I do not have a tandoor

1000 piece puzzle showcasing the evolution of the Dodge Challenger & Charger completed, don’t think I’ve ever done one this large or complex

beautiful day in new kent, va at new kent winery🍷

don’t know what movie/show this is for but looks like they’re about to start shooting 🎬🎥

me seeing that i passed the last of my objective assessments in my mba program, onto the capstone! 🏫

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