for the first true test of the iPhone 14 camera I took some low light photos in the Natural Bridge Caverns outside San Antonio, very impressed with how much it matched what my eyes saw

terrible UX choice here by Apple, here’s why

* users have been trained to see red as destructive but by habit they always press that top option to confirm deleting a text
* inconsistency in when this pops up
* shaking the device won’t un-report it
* no way to turn off having this pop up

fortunately the feature will be getting reworked in iOS 16.1

how does an app that notifies you when your laundry is done take up 700mb?!

the exact moment when it was revealed that Globalstar was powering iPhone 14’s satellite connectivity 🛰

continuing in my role as CSO (Chief Smoking Officer) I did a 9 hour smoke of a 15 lb brisket 🍖 with a mix of hickory and apple

so I sorta forgot about this batch and let it go a little long… like over a year. yet the scoby (lemon for scale 🍋) is fine, no signs of rot, just a slight vinegar odor. fascinating organism

when you accidentally turn your smoker into an oven (should be around 250-300 oops)

fun times flying into IAD today, waited out some thunderstorms and raced a Qatar airways jet (think it was a Dreamliner) 🛬

Apple makes it incredibly convenient to load up a transit card before you even travel saving you the hassle of staring at some Rube Goldberg-esque ticketing machine after 6 hours in the air while locals and tourists alike pile up behind you passive aggressively sighing 🚇

alright america, time to update those passports and book your travel 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 ✈️ 💵

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