My co-workers put up a life-sized sticker of the Night King next to my desk. Is it because they think I represent an embodiment of pure evil? Possibly!

Oh the amazing things we’ll cut, slice and dice together! 🔪

Someone brought back a bag of Singapore’s greatest export and I can’t stop eating them 🐠🐣

After growing several massive scobys I’ve decided to reboot my kombucha brewing with smaller batches so I can hone in on my flavors before trying to scale again

Already watching the first ep, it’s so good 🇲🇽

I love buying Android phones from around the world, today saw the arrival of a new Nokia 7.1 (awesome phone btw) and this beauty, a Vivo V9 from Taiwan 🇹🇼

Voting in 2016 took all of 5 minutes. For 2018 midterms, it took 30 minutes thanks to the crowds.

I want to believe

✅ Game of Thrones themed
✅ Sour

Finally gave my new oven a go having just converted from an electric to a 15k BTU gas stove w/6 burners. It’s an absolute dream to cook with.

The new office building/complex at 15 & K where The Post used to be is finally finished

Shoulda taken these down to the farmers market to sell 🌶

Finally got my hands on some churros albeit at the busiest border crossing in the world 🇺🇸🇲🇽

Chavela and lobster in Puerto Nuevo, MX 🍅🍺🇲🇽🏖

My first “Impossible” burger, decent flavor and texture for a plant-based product but since I like my burgers pretty rare it probably isn’t for me 🍔

Saw the original birdsite post on these guys but it’s something else seeing one next to you on the freeway

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