a desolation called peace, the follow up to arkady martine’s memory called empire, will be released on 3/2/2021

Ceramic coating applied 💎, amazing that one tiny 30mL bottle can cover this entire car 🚘

me searching for what kind of booze i can pour on my home made christmas pudding to ensure it lights on fire 🎄🔥

it’s my first attempt at making a Christmas pudding 🎄 directions say it can remain good for up to 2 years which seems sus but also inline with other British dishes I’ve made 🇬🇧

after about 3-4 attempts I think I’ve finally mastered soft boiled eggs 🥚

first thing to do post purchase of a new Dodge Challenger: remove the unsightly banana covers 🍌

not the prettiest but not bad for a first attempt at Filipino lumpia 🇵🇭

missed opportunity, should have made them look like the frog eggs from s2e2

as TSLA grinds its way back up after having just had a 5-1 split you look at the market and suddenly realize…

a dilophosaurus with Gatling guns? a cybernetic Stonewall Jackson fighting a T-Rex? these and other Confederate revivalist fantasies can be yours at Dinosaur Kingdom II 🦖 (the first one burned down in a fire but definitely not for the insurance money)

what happens when you let marketing architect your app and yes that’s no less than 3 sep ways to “contact” the dealer all on screen at the same time

Inspired by Las Chicas de Las Tres in Street Food I made my own take on a Spanish tortilla 🍳🌮

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