tried using for my tests but after two days of being unable to get a valid report.xml to parse and their cust serv telling me to get bent, i decided to strike out on my own. in just a few hours i replaced codecov with a custom gradle task writing to a gist which is read by a runkit script to produce a badge. also learned a ton about the gradle build system
gh ->
runkit ->

just downloaded the new JetBrains font aimed at developers, i've updated my terminal and will be doing the same for all my other tools (Xcode, IntelliJ, etc.)

no doubt you’ve seen that famous wedding photo by now so here’s a great write up on the current eruption of taal and what’s likely in store for the next few mos 🌋 🇵🇭

changed my oil for the first time ever, found it oddly satisfying

the REACH, a new complex at the kennedy center, has some impressive spaces with fantastic views of the potomac

Space by JetBrains, a collaboration tool that has everything a team needs to get stuff done

Absolute unit this main shuttle booster outside the California Science Center

wasn’t intending to check out the new Star Wars section of Disneyland but now I’m here and I’m giddy as ever

kombucha is serious business, the booch that is only a week away from bottling is already at 3.0

adventures in vegetarianism continue with my attempts at udan dal and palak paneer 🇮🇳

latest attempt at a bean mushroom burger, the addition of psyllium husk powder helped it keep its shape but could probably use at least 20m in the oven

I’ve scaled up my kombucha brewing from 2 gal to 7 gal

imho the true test of a knife isn’t how well it cuts a tomato but rather a soft ball of mozarella di bufala

This maitake mushroom smells like weed when you unwrap it. After a few mins the smell becomes more like the wort of brewing beer

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