amazing how google can build out this incredible backend for android phone products to intelligently block spam, talk to merchants on your behalf, etc. but can’t even put a multi-select checkbox on their google voice product, guess it’s a sign they’ll probably kill it soon

automated lane detection in kotlin success! 🙌🏻

getting an early stay on celebrating our newest federal holiday with this lovely brew from charm city 🍺

about 4 hours worth of hacking on and i've managed to make some headway on an attempt to to create a lane detection system in , lots left to do tho!

an attempt at a tequila sunrise 🌅 using fresh pressed oranges 🍹

watching new videos from RealLifeLore and PBS Space Time about the impending space junk apocalypse that were released within 24 hours of each other 🛰🗑🌎

love just heading outside to the garden to collect lunch 🥗

back on that kombucha brewing after a long hiatus 🍵

having in airport maps supported at the OS level is so much easier to use than the 3rd party stuff (ie Locus Labs plug-in)

first time seeing a 737 MAX 9 (N37508) which are only flown by UA in North America. note the “shark fin” engine cowling and double winglet. this one was departing SAN.

ah yes who can forget those halcyon days when you had to clean the internals of your tape storage media player 📼

Leviathan Falls, the final book in The Expanse series, comes out 11/16/2021. set your reminders!

saw this sellout in a few mins while waiting at changi airport in Singapore a few years ago, now it’s available locally 🐟

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