ugh looks like jetbrains’ teamcity may have been an attack vector for the solarwinds hack _looks suspiciously at installed intellij app_

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@ssoper Didn't know that JetBrains have russian origin. OK. Resembles that story with Kaspersky a couple of years ago. In general, I am scared of large centralized build services..

@sergey_m their hq is in czech and they have offices around the world so i figured (hoped?) they were immune to these sorts of shenanigans, would hate to assume that anything out of russia is automatically at risk of intrusion by state-level actors but i'm starting to lean more in that direction. check out what happened to nginx.

@ssoper Actually, I would assume that any relatively big russian IT company has now some relationship with state services, unfortunately. Of cause that doesn't mean that they necessarily support offensive hacking abroad. Nginx may be a different in that it was opensource from the beginning and thus couldn't offer much to the state.

@sergey_m Russians make some good software, shame to think their products will come with an asterisk

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