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employee: I want growth in my role

company: *installs ping pong table*

employee: autonomy?

company: *creates fully-stocked snack room*

employee: fulfilment.

company: *employs a live DJ in the office*

employee: *quits*

company: some people just aren't a good culture fit.

not sure why folks are getting themselves all worked up about the last MD-80 flight. It was small, cramped and bounced around a lot. I say good riddance like this guy

serious stuff and I hope Apple updates the relevant development processes

Absolute unit this main shuttle booster outside the California Science Center

wasn’t intending to check out the new Star Wars section of Disneyland but now I’m here and I’m giddy as ever

in case you were wondering how corellium was different from your standard ci provider like travis or circle. it's not just a sim running on apple hardware, it's a virtualized ios device running on commodity arm hardware. it's pretty cool tech that i wish we as devs had access to if for no other reason than scaling our testing sans expensive apple hw

Mark your calendars 📆 Star Trek: The Motion Picture 🎥 is returning to the big screen for 2 days only 🚀🖖🏻

While I 100% believe that Bezos makes a better steward of The Post than the Grahams did, having a benefactor with such a sprawling empire does leave the paper vulnerable to leverage should Bezos decide $10bn is more important than journalistic independence

TIL that Sprint the brand name is an acronym. Also, I was reminded of my Sprint Razr-clone from the mid-00s still sitting in my basement. I was one of those that jumped ship to AT&T when the iPhone came out. I haven’t been a customer for 10 years but I’ll still pour one out for you Sprint 🥃⚰️

even growing up in San Diego so close to the border we learnt practically nothing about our southern neighbor. I set out to increase my knowledge about Mexico and discovered the as a result which dives into the complex history of this diverse country 🇲🇽 🎙

NIST has already redefined the kilogram, now they’re working on redefining the second, these scientists are unstoppable

for a whole bunch more space stuff (because space is _awesome_) check out pbs’ summer of space 🚀

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