and this is why we can’t have nice things like say maglev trains 🚆 or infrastructure that isn’t 80+ years old. when do we pass laws forbidding lawsuits against infrastructure projects? at this rate we’ll never build anything

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unfortunate for the WSJ Opinion Board to weigh in on this so late but now that we have a ruling, it looks like big business CEOs, and thus all PMCs, are workers after all, and I hope we can all welcome them in the struggle

booked travel ✈️ for the first time in 1.5 yrs, used the united app which somehow had gotten worse in terms of ui/ux. example a: filter/sort located at bottom of screen, randomly disappears and tapping can bring up app switcher. example b: share functionality simply provides a txt message saying 'i bought a flight' instead of, you know, your actual itinerary. it's like the folks that built this dont actually use it.

great set of changes in the 1.5.0 release candidate, my favs are enhancements to locale-agnostic string functions and non-blocking Java file operations

relying on MNOs to deliver a core feature, rich messaging on android, is silly but then maybe google never intended for RCS to take hold and expected everyone to just use gchat. at this point consumers have long since moved on to signal, telegram, etc so who will even notice 🤷🏻‍♂️

while i’m generally a fan of the app store model, as an ios dev i have been on the receiving end of apple’s randomly enforced and byzantine app review process. and they certainly aren’t helping their case by continuing to let well publicized bad actors scam their customers. this feels like a never ending topic among ios devs that should have been resolved by apple ages ago

well that’s frustrating, the beautiful european-sized posters i bought for my kids don’t fit into the american-sized frames i bought, had no idea there was a euro vs. american standard (tho i should have guessed there was, see metric vs. imperial)

“Suddenly, the stupid stuff on the internet, the scary stuff on the internet, became just so mainstream and important. And that totally should not be.”

jasmine rice 🍚 , home made curry 🍛 and store bought naan 🫓 because I do not have a tandoor

Supremes rule in favor of Google over Oracle in Java copyright dispute tho the ruling seems scoped to “fair use” vs. APIs being copyrightable at all. Still, a win is a win.

1000 piece puzzle showcasing the evolution of the Dodge Challenger & Charger completed, don’t think I’ve ever done one this large or complex

compilers underpin so much of our day to day tasks so it's great to see the groundbreaking work these guys did get the recognition it deserves 🐉

ah looks like they are filming the 2nd season of walking dead world beyond

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