if you were confused about the use of capital vs capitol you probably won’t ever forget now

i should be shocked but im not shocked. we've been edging towards radio rwanda territory for awhile now so it was only a matter of time before one of them said the really quiet part out loud washingtonpost.com/politics/20

honestly an “interregnum [with] a a great variety of morbid symptoms” seems like an ok outcome given what happened this week but then i think about how our 40 yr centrist approach has led us here and how it has failed to address our country's most basic needs jacobinmag.com/2021/01/morbid-

ugh looks like jetbrains’ teamcity may have been an attack vector for the solarwinds hack _looks suspiciously at installed intellij app_ nytimes.com/2021/01/06/us/poli

Ceramic coating applied 💎, amazing that one tiny 30mL bottle can cover this entire car 🚘

took awhile but i think i’m finally getting the hang of jackson serialization using data classes, still no regrets going w/jackson over gson or kotlinx serialization github.com/ssoper/Batil/commit

hats off to corellium in their victory against Apple, the lawsuit filed against the former smacked of security thru obscurity apple.news/ATuHfsYd3RY-HQOE86h

when you start the day thinking you’re gonna do some simple string manipulation and six hours later you’re an expert in sed, awk, grep and shell parameter expansion github.com/ssoper/Batil/commit

amazon launches its own mapping product, an outgrowth of creating its own network of delivery drivers. currently in beta and routing to follow soon. i might be worried if i were a 3rd party mapping provider as it’s unlikely one could compete w/amazon on pricing aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/amazo

might not seem like a huge deal for some but those of us in the DC area have probably worked at some point for an employer in a different jurisdiction than where we lived apple.news/AE9WzwMzjROmFMokUt7

reminder to myself to repost every election we have no matter how minor, from school board to president. “We cannot afford to forget that public order, personal security, economic and social progress and prosperity are not the natural order of things, that they depend on ceaseless effort and attention from an honest and effective government that the people must elect.” —Lee Kuan Yew

amongst so many other updates to our system of govt to come out of this shit show administration, amend the constitution to remove the ability to grant pardons during the interregnum. if someone is truly deserving of a pardon, president shouldn’t wait til lame duck period to grant it apple.news/AEO3vFhi1RumIermbih

me searching for what kind of booze i can pour on my home made christmas pudding to ensure it lights on fire 🎄🔥

it’s my first attempt at making a Christmas pudding 🎄 directions say it can remain good for up to 2 years which seems sus but also inline with other British dishes I’ve made 🇬🇧

got a great lesson tonight in why car companies shouldn’t attempt anything with tech more complicated than car electronics, everything else should be outsourced to Apple CarPlay or android auto

1. attempted to install big sur, not enough space, cleared up add'l 20 gb removing xcode, still not enough
2. now none of my brew stuff works w/xcode gone, go to reinstall xcode and told i dont have enough space to install even tho it was literally just on my machine
3. had to go back to xcode 11.7, still on catalina, stuck in 2020 tooling indefinitely. apple really shouldn't be selling <256gb sdd if they now req 50gb for an os upgrade

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