lots of theories thrown out by the author (big data, stuffy mgmt, overly litigious industry) but i propose that dad rock simply rules 🤘🏻🎸

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Find out how good you are at placing historical events in the right order with this cool new game based on Wikidata's data:


This is awesome!

beltah lowduh! crazy to think I’ve been reading, watching and consuming The Expanse for a decade now. with the series finale hewing pretty close to the books, I’m looking forward to any future adaptations that might make their appearance 🚀🪐✨

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migrating my compute and data off of freeBSD and ZFS to a cluster of two cycle leaf blowers in a spare room with all the pull starters tied off to to the two risers of the skydiving harness I every-day-wear and jumping out the window of my building

maybe it was just part of liberty insurance’s guerilla marketing efforts 🥁. but seriously, if you’re the author of widely-used open-source libraries you’re not doing the movement any benefit by sabotaging your work. the current environment may not be perfect but it’s leagues ahead of the late 90s early 00s era of closed source garbage that limited movement between companies for devs. now onboarding is as simple as "here's your macbook, whats your github" 👨🏻‍💻

my latest hobby, not as de-stressing as I’d hoped given the necessary attention to detail. 2010 Camaro SS on the left and 2009 Challenger R/T on the right 🚘🏁

friendship ended with try-catch-finally, try-with-resources is my new best friend

“waiting to publish to central” is my new “waiting to compile”

Reddit’s recommendation algorithm just knocking it out of the park here 👽

Failsafe is a nifty little library for abstracting out networking stuff like retries on session expiration but its documentation is in so here’s how you get the ExecutionContext in to know when to clone the OkHttp call

new version of Batil released with simplified client creation and api usage 💸

given complete regulatory capture of our govt it's hard to tell how much of this is actual regulators vs. lobbyist fud. worryingly tho, it's not clear what airlines would have to gain by stirring up fears around 5g

Looks like they’re hanging Rogozin out to dry though I doubt replacing him will solve the numerous problems in the Russian space program 🇷🇺🚀 apple.news/AN-q7OR1MTfGFrZiqMv

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In preparation for my January live stream series on React Native Web, I'm going to be streaming this coming Monday Dec 20. I'll be working on adding features to a RN responsive design library I've been building. Catch me Monday at 5pm ET! twitch.tv/codingitwrong

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