native code coverage for has arrived with Kover and it looks like there is already integration with

most of the major brokers offer an API but as a developer you will likely be disappointed by their offerings which is why I built Batil, an open-source project written in that aims to simplify all the hard parts of communicating programmatically with your broker

after a week of processing the chicken/lard soap is coming along nicely even starting to lose that gamey lard odor to smell more like a bar of dove 🧼 the food coloring I added gives it an unintentional geode appearance

i seem to have created a valid package complete with transitive dependencies so that folks can include it in their projects. i want to do a more in depth writeup later on the challenges as well as call out that options are becoming limited what with jcenter and bintray slated to be shutdown. but for now, a celebration 🥂

seems you can't use github's package repository without having to authenticate, something that should probably be at the top of the documentation in bright flashing letters esp for open source projects. guess i'll be wading thru central docs instead (or bintray)

took longer than anticipated but finally figured out how to get to build a flavor-specific fat jar with a superset of dependencies, probably not the accepted way but gradle documentation was surprisingly light on this topic

now I’m officially at the scary stage of developing against the ETRADE api, placing actual orders in production 💰

Fall-inspired 🍂 soap using 200g chicken fat, 400g lard all from locally raised animals 🐓🐄🧼

excited about all the potential uses for the locally raised chickens we’re getting today 🐓
roast? ✅
bones in a stock? ✅
excess fat into soap? ✅

bought two nerite snails to clean up some black algae, they’re gendered so the chances of getting a breeding pair were less than your garden-variety pond snails, also they’re supposed to only breed in brackish conditions. today i wake up to dozens of squiggly tiny moving lines on the inside glass of the tank. add onto that the half dozen baby blue shrimp (neocaridina) where there was only 1 a month ago and it looks like my single betta tank has become an invertebrate tank 🦐 🐌

just finished new spring (prequel) now onto eye of the world which I guess is the official first book of wheel of time 🐍☸️

I’m a huge time zone nerd and I find this kind of drama/minutiae just fascinating 🌐

when you spend an hour tracing thru your code, implement some protocol oriented programming and add a stubbing library just for a 1% increase in code coverage 📈

just started the complete wheel of time series, see you in a year 📖

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Good morning. Be aware. Be gentle. Be present. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

who needs coffee ☕️ when you can wake up to the smell of a 150+ line java stack trace fingering the compiler for a tokenization error

been agonizing the past few days over how to architect a complex trade order object for the stock market. initially i thought the java builder pattern could work but i was waved off of that by a dev that pointed out that the boilerplate and nullability were too big of tradeoffs especially when compared to the type-safety, named arguments and immutability of data classes with constructors

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