for the 2nd time in as many days ive run into the multiple nullable vars issue in , i’ve been able to refactor my code in each instance to avoid it but man it would be super convenient to get a swift-like solution implemented

already listening to the podcast so this feels like the logical next step even if it is skipping ahead a bit 🕌⚔️

tried using for my tests but after two days of being unable to get a valid report.xml to parse and their cust serv telling me to get bent, i decided to strike out on my own. in just a few hours i replaced codecov with a custom gradle task writing to a gist which is read by a runkit script to produce a badge. also learned a ton about the gradle build system
gh ->
runkit ->

wanted to add tests to zebec and was curious about github actions. it's almost magical how well they work and so easy to integrate with a github project. if i was in the cicd business, i'd be looking over my shoulder.

just downloaded the new JetBrains font aimed at developers, i've updated my terminal and will be doing the same for all my other tools (Xcode, IntelliJ, etc.)

introducing zebec, a static site compiler. 100% . also my first time building a jar and publishing a maven package

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no doubt you’ve seen that famous wedding photo by now so here’s a great write up on the current eruption of taal and what’s likely in store for the next few mos 🌋 🇵🇭

physics and machine learning converge with gauge equivariance CNNs which are proving more adept at mapping problems in our 3D world

changed my oil for the first time ever, found it oddly satisfying

looks like the adults have finally taken the reins at SoftBank judging by all the broken term sheets over the past few weeks

failable monads aren't built into either kotlin or swift yet but having lots of 3rd party implementations in swift i was missing them in kotlin until i realized the `returnValue?.let { … } ?: run { … }` accomplishes much the same thing

there are some things in Kotlin that will trip you up if you’re coming from Swift, like collection operators. case in point is `first` which in Swift returns null on not finding a match but in Kotlin it throws an exception. to get the expected Swift behavior in Kotlin you need to use `firstOrNull` and there are other collection operations that follow a similar pattern

spent about 12 hours today deep into some Kotlin code, got to see some pretty ugly stuff, nasty bugs, incomplete features. came out of it tho with a deeper understanding of gradle, IntelliJ and the Kotlin runtime.

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Rebuilt and rebranded my side project 🚀🚀🚀

Introducing: Fediverse Explorer

Pulling content from over 3000 #mastodon #pixelfed #plemora servers to generate a trends report every hour.

the REACH, a new complex at the kennedy center, has some impressive spaces with fantastic views of the potomac

having a blast with over the past few weeks such that im happily converting java answers on stackoverflow into their kotlin equivalent locally. aside from tinkering with android, i never thought id be so excited about being back in jvm land. thank you

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