Because of this announcement I opened a gog account, got that one free and bought 7 others. @gamingonlinux you are gonna make me broke! 😁

@Linux4Everyone ease of mind regarding the exhausting of constant effort against malware. Choosing the best AV, malware, registry clean, popups, Windows telemetry, etc.

@mdszy I understand it but your comment keep me thinking that's why I reply late.
Having enough reasons means you encounter inconvenience with Windows, why wont you go crawling back to Linux?
I dual booted for 12 years bc similar thinking. Now has been 2 years that I had to only once install Windows on Virtual Machine for something then deleted the VM.
I hope my experience will help you.

@Linux4Everyone Hi I left acomment on the video asking how to add to that script adding PPA as to keep installing software from those repositories?

If you like sci-fi related Series and is "free right now", go watch The Expanse.

This happens to me every f*ing time. Sit down to eat while watching a movie (or series) and the very next scene is a grotesque one.

@mondstern πŸ˜€ could not find scrolling in your collection. If not done, can I request it?

#FollowFriday, time to share some accounts I follow:

- @sengi_app a desktop application developed by @NicolasConstant (that works also for #Pixelfed)

- @mondstern a pixelfed account publishing painted logos by @mondstern

- @codeberg for hosting your projects.

- @mmarif the developer of GitNex (f-droid.org/en/packages/org.mi) that works with #codeberg

Hello! My pre-ordering method has now changed and there's a web page for ordering!

Now taking pre-orders on my thesis "La Sangre Llama", research on Afro-Indigenous culture, subjectivity & performance via philosophy & art history, thru my site

For info on the research:

To pre-order:

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