To the and advocates, the and advocates, please consider contributing editing to . I want a good and usable alternative to current popular apps.
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@sproid have been thinking about this lately too. Just downloaded some apps that let you edit on the fly. Really wish there was an iOS app with better map skins tho like the ones CloudMade has.

@wakest @sproid CloudMade? Are you sure about that app? I though they stopped years ago?

I've heard good things about GoMap!! (but never used it cause I only have android).

@rory @sproid looked it up I didn't realize they were no more. seems like MapBox is carrying on their designs. I wonder what happened to all the old FLOSS tiles tho they were really nice looking.

@wakest @sproid CloudMade kinda pivoted a few times and doesn't do map stuff anymore.

In many ways Mapbox are doing a lot of what CloudMade tried a few years ago.

@sproid Let's bring a hands on part in here:

With #StreetComplete everyone can contribute to OpenStreetmap and help to improve the data.

If you want to do bigger changes, you can put a note there, and as soon as you are at a desktop, go to sign in, and use the edit button.

The tutorial makes it really simple to get started, so please try before calling it too complicated :3

#HandsOn #OpenStreetmap #contribute

@sproid @sheogorath OSMAnd and allow you do to some simple editing of places. is a nice app. Both show you offline data for an area, great for when you're traveling away from home.

@sproid @bob
How can our world get the grip on some satellite imagery though?

@sproid @bob
On the rare occasions when i *have* to use google maps, it is because I want to see the satellite imagery layer underneath the map.
Open Streetmap doesn't have the resources to acquire sat. imagery.
Google simply bought a sat. image company.

Is my understanding that OsmAnd app has a plug-in that you can pay a subscription for live maps including satellite view. Also the app Vespucci for editing openstreetmap have a satellite view in the settings with Bing aerial imagery and USGS Imagery.

I kept researching and found out that there's many more aerial/satellite options in the app.

But if you or anyone is only using app for there is also satellite view. Go to Configure map > select overlay or underlay > download or select Microsoft Earth.


@sproid I've got this covered. You can find me and my edits on OSM under the name ExpresswayDave.

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