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Rules on the internet I've seen lately.
Rule #1: believe everything on the internet.
Rule #2: don't post links πŸ”— to backup your claims.
Rule #3: don't try to be passionate about the topic, instead try to be a jerk.

Personal finance is getting better and better online. But why would you want that information in the cloud? I already worry about bank's capacity of protecting consumers info to be adding other 3rd party companies and services!
Localy installed Personal software needs more love($πŸ˜‰) and attention!

4 looks awesome. Sadly it's software limitations make that I'll never consider it for my personal use nor recommend it as entry level . In other words, The price for stability on that distro is too high.

My sons college is forcing students to use proprietary Adobe products like Illustrator and Photoshop and this really pisses me off. Any school should offer their students the possibility to use free and open source software and with #Inkscape, #GIMP, #Krita and #Blender there are excellent alternatives available.

#FLOSS #Adobe

Every day, this neighborhood's graffiti artists disappoint me. They insist on spraying up their names and pictures, and never include handy notes about where I might find hidden items, new weapons, or tragic thematically-appropriate slogans.

Firefox to add Tor Browser anti-fingerprinting technique called letterboxing - - The feature isn't enabled by default, though. Firefox users should open about:config page, enter "privacy.resistFingerprinting" and set its value to "true". #privacy #tracking

Commentary from Joshua Montgomery, the CEO of Mycroft, regarding closed source platforms and Google.

"Closed Platform Deprecation - Beware the Google Graveyard - Mycroft"

I'm going to grudgingly accept the new Galaxy s10 looks very compelling for the first time since the s5

review: compared to propetary alternatives its just 'ok'. But gets the job done try hard to have many features and offerings. My biggest complaint is the map scrolling can be flickering or not smooth. Plus is open source and uses

I saw Alita Battle Angel movie and I enjoyed it. It was like seeing anime.

#peerTube is now in version 1.2 and available in 16 languages for more than 300 instances.

For 2019, we plan to add a plugin and theme management system (even though basic at first), playlist management, support for audio files upload and many other features.
#Framasoft is supporting and funding its development.
You are welcome to contribute

Anyone know how to fix the behavior of drop down menu in LibreOffice going over the program window?

Like in the video: @isma

Showing dropdown menu issue in LibreOffice.

Showing the dropdown menu behavior in LibreOffice. It happens in my Kubuntu laptop but not in my Linux Mint's.

Heh... Works as advertised. So far. 😼

Collapsed Mastodon – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

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