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Rules on the internet I've seen lately.
Rule #1: believe everything on the internet.
Rule #2: don't post links πŸ”— to backup your claims.
Rule #3: don't try to be passionate about the topic, instead try to be a jerk.

En general la gente es incapaz de reconocer invacion se privacidad en el Γ‘mbito cybernetico.

Does anyone know of any free scheduling software they would recommend? Something that could allow me to just add my own users, and add in clock in / out times, maybe with a graphical component so its easier to visualize, and not necessary but total the hours per day/week?

Boosts greatly appreciated, as my employer just pulled our scheduling/payroll system and don't seem like there going to be providing another one anytime soon

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Today I learned a very important lesson. It has to do with sneezing. That's all I am saying.

Jeff Bezos made $50,000,000,000 last year, or about 2.5 million times his Amazon employees.

But no, let's blame average Americans for getting haircuts and eating at restaurants for humanitarian crisis-level lack of access to basic necessities like healthcare, affordable housing, food, non-lead-filled water, education, childcare, etc..

Fuck off.

These two pole dancers are the same colour. Hard to believe, isn't it?

It's called Munker's Illusion, where one area's colour is influenced by adjacent areas. It's quite amazing how persistent the effect is!

The hypocrisy is amazing. Using mob tactics against Purism isn't going to help them, or the community. Its ok for people to have different ideoligies and ways of doing things. I always try to listen and understand the other side.

I have a lot of really out of context things on Mastodon today and it makes me sad because I truly believe people are misunderstanding Purism on a lot of levels. Plus isn't this part of the point of a federated network, freedom to do what you want with your network?

Just heard that China has now blocked all access to all editions of Wikipedia. Apparently Turkey has done this too.

Fortunately, there's an app called #Kiwix which lets people download, browse and search the whole of Wikipedia (and many other wikimedia sites) entirely offline on their computer or phone.

You can follow them here:


Their official website is here:

(Thanks to @Khrys for the China news)

#Alternatives #OffTheGrid #Wikipedia

I think if Purism REALLY wants to attract the masses, they should implement PixelFed in their Librem One suite πŸ‘Œ oh my god that would be amazing

In case you missed it, privacy-friendly laptop maker Purism has launched its own range of open online services:

You can follow Purism on their new account at:


Librem One's services use open standards so that users aren't locked in. For example, Librem Social is a Mastodon instance and part of the Fediverse.

Technically this is nothing new, but it's nice to see all-in-one offers for those who prefer bundles. Non-techies may find Librem One more approachable.

I am sure there is a lot of people with unsearchable pdf's. that are only image and cannot select/copy text. If that's the case I suggest to convert them to a searchable pdf with . How? Use: OCRmyPDF. Its awesome!

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