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Rules on the internet I've seen lately.
Rule #1: believe everything on the internet.
Rule #2: don't post links ๐Ÿ”— to backup your claims.
Rule #3: don't try to be passionate about the topic, instead try to be a jerk.

If there's one thing that really annoys me is the absurdity of people's inability to form an efficient line.
Why are they in the street?

Join the LibreOffice community! Across the world, we work together to develop, test, translate, document and promote the office suite. Learn new skills, meet new people โ€“ and have fun!

US pol 

Don't vote for Biden nor Trump. Vote 3rd party. Vote your values. Vote for a good candidate, not for the lesser of 2 evils.

El presidente brasileรฑo, Jair Bolsonaro, es un psicรณpata. No es hora de eufemismos ni medias palabras. No solo es fascista, nepotista, ignorante, incapaz, misรณgino, xenรณfobo, homofรณbico, admirador de dictadores y torturadores, estรก rodeado por un gabinete de lunรกticos, terraplanistas y fundamentalistas religiosos, y vinculado personalmente con bandas de milicianos y asesinos a sueldo. Ademรกs, es un psicรณpata.

Playing Half-life for the first time. Let's see how this controller ๐ŸŽฎ perform. Not that I have something to compare with..

I so want for Linux Smartphone to success because next are tablets and that's what I really want.

New article on my blog: Kubuntu Linux 19.10 for a digital painting workstation: Reasons and Install guide:
#kubuntu #krita #linux #install #guide

My feedback:
I notice I am listening your podcasts at 1.15 to 1.5 speed depending on how the guest speech speed is. Could you consider speeding up a little bit the podcasts and/or videos in the edit process to make the episodes shorter and less dragging.

Hey, I haven't seen any new videos from you. Are you planning to also post in LBRY?

I had some time to kill while I was waiting for bicycle repairs. it's starting to warm up and it's starting to feel more like summer.


"i use linux as my operating system," i state proudly to the unkempt, bearded man. he swivels around in his desk chair with a devilish gleam in his eyes, ready to mansplain with extreme precision.
"actually," he says with a grin, "linux is just the kernel. you use GNU+linux."
i don't miss a beat and reply with a smirk, "i use alpine, a distro that doesn't include the GNU coreutils, or any other GNU code. it's linux, but it's not GNU+linux."

the smile quickly drops from the man's face. his body begins convulsing and he foams at the mouth as he drop to the floor with a sickly thud. as he writhes around he screams "I-IT WAS COMPILED WITH GCC! THAT MEANS IT'S STILL GNU!"
coolly, i reply "if windows was compiled with gcc, would that make it GNU?" i interrupt his response with "and work is being made on the kernel to make it more compiler-agnostic. even if you were correct, you won't be for long."

with a sickly wheeze, the last of the man's life is ejected from his body. he lies on the floor, cold and limp. i've womansplained him to death.

3 big fantasy/action series to start in 2020.
1. Watchmen.
2. The Witcher
3. Mandalorian

Quality in that order.

Lately I've seen some incorrect statements and facts about Linux on mobile being thrown around, and I decided to write a blog post to give some more correct info. Please give it a read ๐Ÿ˜„

If you see any mistakes I've made, please correct me!


Introducing KDE's 1st video competition: Show off your film-making skills, shoot and edit a promotional clip for Plasma or KDE's applications, and win a computer:


I bought the a couple of months ago because I thought it was going to have great Linux support but so far it has been a very inconsistent experience.

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