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Rules on the internet I've seen lately.
Rule #1: believe everything on the internet.
Rule #2: don't post links πŸ”— to backup your claims.
Rule #3: don't try to be passionate about the topic, instead try to be a jerk.

This happens to me every f*ing time. Sit down to eat while watching a movie (or series) and the very next scene is a grotesque one.

#FollowFriday, time to share some accounts I follow:

- @sengi_app a desktop application developed by @NicolasConstant (that works also for #Pixelfed)

- @mondstern a pixelfed account publishing painted logos by @mondstern

- @codeberg for hosting your projects.

- @mmarif the developer of GitNex ( that works with #codeberg

Hello! My pre-ordering method has now changed and there's a web page for ordering!

Now taking pre-orders on my thesis "La Sangre Llama", research on Afro-Indigenous culture, subjectivity & performance via philosophy & art history, thru my site

For info on the research:

To pre-order:

Hi, do WallhallaPapers repo has a media rss I can use with Variety app on my desktop?

Check out a derivation product of my webcomic Pepper&Carrot: "Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva", a #DnD5e supplement by Xacur on Kickstarter (RPG). Link and my thought about it on my blog:

When it comes to #privacy, it's not that I have nothing to hide, I simply don't have anything I would like to share, especially unknowingly.

Btw if it interests anyone, I stopped using browser and now I'm using for the first time in years. I like how Mozilla improved it so now bookmarks are more comprehensive and it's a faster browser overall.

a vending machine is simply an authoritarian fridge

I'm incorruptible like a super hero! My only weakness (criptonite) is bribery. πŸ˜‚

Hi, do you have an idea why my system says fedilab is using resources when is supposed not to? No live notifications active, not even notification at all on the app settings. This started with the live notifications build 2 version back I think.


I deleted my Facebook-account years ago, but my latest job (not tech related) uses Facebook for communication.

I created a new account, I have no photos of me there and I share nothing, no posts or anything.

A few days ago they suspended my account for no reason at all and required me to upload an ID of me. I ended up creating a new account days later.

Even though I have nothing of value there I have never felt so powerless. It made me appreciate the ethical fediverse even more.


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