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EFF vs IoT #DRM, OMG! The @EFF is suing the U.S. government over the constitutionality of DMCA 1201, which makes it illegal to tell you truthful things about the risks you face from your badly secured gadgets:
In case you missed it: F-Droid, the repository of #freesoftware apps for Android phones, is collaborating with @ExodusPrivacy and @YalePrivacyLab to create tools to automate the process of finding tracking in apps.

Redox is a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust, aiming to bring the innovations of Rust to a modern microkernel and full set of applications.

#rust #rustlang #redox #redoxos #foss

So, once upon a time I impulse ordered a 3d printer with absolutely 0 experience 3d modelling.

What would you (the plural you... you's) recommend for a newb?

details... I am using linux, and I prefer FOSS.

Considering pitching the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) Board on joining @Liberapay

Little concerned about not seeing other large US-based FOSS orgs on there like FSF, EFF, SF Conservancy

We'd need to check into accounting, legal, security, etc. before implementing anything, too

What do you think, Mastodon?

Kinda quiet here... Anyone have any recommendations for interesting foss-people to follow on #Mastodon? #foss #linux #ubuntu #opensource

Well. I wrote a blarticle (what I know call blog articles) discussing a few different open sourcey phone projects. Spoiler, android isn't even mentioned.

Revisiting Mastodon after a two-hour stint a few months ago. Hi y'all! Software engineer from South India, glad to make your acquaintance :)

Just "Permanently Disabled" my patreon account. Moved my full donation to Liberapay for @matrix

The only reason I use any donation platform is for matrix (at this point) because matrix is trying to build an open source - distributed and federated, communication system that is similar to google hangouts or slack (complete with group video chat).

It's already working if anyone wants to check it out at

The universe just being a bad Javascript simulation would explain so much though

Can't know both the position and the velocity of a particle? Classic race condition. Particles sometimes behave like waves, sometimes like particles? Bad type coercion. etc

Hey, great news to people like me.
According to @therealmatthartley who posted on google plus System76 laptops will have the intel mangement engine disabled.

Had a blast with @BryanLunduke on the #lundukeshow today, check it out:

Covered too many things to link them all here, but happy to discuss anything that came up, just let me know, especially here on Mastodon!

I've been doing a little de-googling lately as well. I tested out a few different services, each giving you a nextcloud account.

Here's a link to the article on my website.

"the less you know, the less control you have" #privacy

Open documentation for your project and its dependencies:

cargo doc --open

Or for a specific dependency only:

cargo doc -p crate_name --open

And for #Rustlang itself:

rustup docs

It all works offline.

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