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Revisiting Mastodon after a two-hour stint a few months ago. Hi y'all! Software engineer from South India, glad to make your acquaintance :)

Just "Permanently Disabled" my patreon account. Moved my full donation to Liberapay for @matrix

The only reason I use any donation platform is for matrix (at this point) because matrix is trying to build an open source - distributed and federated, communication system that is similar to google hangouts or slack (complete with group video chat).

It's already working if anyone wants to check it out at

The universe just being a bad Javascript simulation would explain so much though

Can't know both the position and the velocity of a particle? Classic race condition. Particles sometimes behave like waves, sometimes like particles? Bad type coercion. etc

Hey, great news to people like me.
According to @therealmatthartley who posted on google plus System76 laptops will have the intel mangement engine disabled.

Had a blast with @BryanLunduke on the #lundukeshow today, check it out:

Covered too many things to link them all here, but happy to discuss anything that came up, just let me know, especially here on Mastodon!

I've been doing a little de-googling lately as well. I tested out a few different services, each giving you a nextcloud account.

Here's a link to the article on my website.

"the less you know, the less control you have" #privacy

Open documentation for your project and its dependencies:

cargo doc --open

Or for a specific dependency only:

cargo doc -p crate_name --open

And for #Rustlang itself:

rustup docs

It all works offline.

Finally got rid of my google account completely! Youtube subscripions was holding me back. Turns out you can export your subscriptions as xml file and add them in the RSS reader of your choice :)

Hey! Small reminder: do NOT use unetbootin in 2017!

It was made at a time when ISOs images of Linux distros weren't compatible with USB, and changed their bootloaders to make them able to be booted from an USB stick.

This is NOT necessary nowadays as all modern distro images CAN boot from an USB stick. Changing their bootloader with unetbootin's hacks break some installers because they will think they booted from a CD-ROM, and will look for a CD-ROM, won't find it and you won't be able (cont.)

People wrote already many good things about Firefox 57 for the desktop. Today I updated Firefox for Android and I have to say that the progress there is at least as impressive as on the Desktop side! I use Firefox on Android for years, but this is by far the best version. For the first time Firefox's look & feel is like a real mobile browser and not like something ported from the desktop to the mobile world. #Firefox #Android #mobile

What's the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a unicycle? Show more

Synapse 0.25 is now out... as is the long-awaited v0.3 of the Matrix Spec (CS API)!! (And all new Riot Web/iOS/Android is out too!) Synapse 0.25 gives full group support & lots of bug/perf fixes, and Spec 0.3 specs a bunch of missing CS API endpoints.

Just a reminder that Firefox Quantum, the new and immensely fast version of Firefox comes out tomorrow. It drops the performance compromises of old versions of Firefox, but doesn't take the liberties with your privacy that Chrome does.

If you used to use Firefox and switched to Chrome, or if you never used Firefox at all, now is the time to check it out.

Disroot News:

🍏 Disroot is now a foundation!
🍐 EmailAlias feature launched!
🍓 Short domain available for all email users
🥑 Jitsi (video conferencing) instance deployed for testing
🍇 Disroot on Patreon!

Read more details here:

#disroot #jitsi #patreon

@javier @veg05

As for whether firefox is shit? Let me just say that I don't agree at all. Deprecating features is not 1000% unbridled evil. Maintain legacy code drains a programmers time and will to live in equal measure, and reducing features and complexity is a virtue, not a sin.

And while I may have some shit I can sling firefox's way, doing so be like complaining about Jay walking in a town full of serial killers.

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