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Yeah! After Canonical dropped it in 2017, the @ubports project/foundation picked it up, and have been releasing updates to the OS since.

They were able to upgrade the base to 16.04 circa OTA-6/7, and are still releasing updates to this day, with the latest release being OTA-9.

They even were able to fix the camera viewfinder freezing on the Nexus 5! (My main device)

If you wanted to see what they have been up to for yourself, you can visit

Wow. My friends over at @purism sent me this. So AWESOME!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

My journy how I've got Ubuntu Touch backups working with TWRP. Sorry for my bad english grammar... πŸ˜…
#ubuntutouch @ubports

Currently working with @MTRNord and @jcgruenhage on the new #matrix client famedly talk. A messenger for the german healthcare sector. πŸš‘


I made the mistake of engaging with a couple trolls yesterday.

Was feeling raw, let my guard down, and responded. Such a newbie mistake on my part. Yeesh.

Mental note: just ignore the trolls.

My dad died yesterday.

He was 65 and had become a hero to me. A few months back, when we almost lost my wife and newborn son, my dad came and stayed with us. He took care of my kids -- kept them fed and feeling loved -- while I was taking care of things in the hospitals.

He dropped everything for a month... to make sure he was there for me and our kids.

When I needed help more than any other time in my life... he was there. And he was amazing.

I love you, dad.

Now I have a #pine64 gaming PC.

I guess it needs a bit more power to boot...

q: how to open a link under cursor with browser?
a: press `gx`

i've been quiet on here for a little while, busy starting my new consulting business!

i'm offering contract and freelance sales and marketing services, with a special focus on institutional sales (biz, govt, edu)

i've worked with lots of great open source companies over the years (System76, SparkFun, LulzBot, Red Hat, OSHWA, FSF)

i'm busy with projects right now but love connecting and brainstorming ideas! learn more about my business here:

Today we're announcing a new website: What can I do for LibreOffice! This helps newcomers to our project and community get involved – learn more about how and why we made it here:

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