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One more reason to use only free and open services: one of the largest company on market named just got left without services. And chinese company can no longer benefit from them.

Go to Open side of things. Subscribe to @switchingsocial and use open alternatives.

Drat. Can anyone suggest resources for a crash course on the .net ecosystem for a js developer who grew up on php?

We reached #300 followers here on Mastodon, thanks!
Help us grow this number, help us spreading the good word about #UbuntuTouch, the indipendent and #opensource mobile OS! πŸ˜ƒ

We reached 6000 followers in the fediverse today! πŸŽ‰

Thanks for your support everyone! ❀️

(Meanwhile it's about 2000 on twitter πŸ˜ƒ)

@staticsafe @ashfurrow Can you give a password to your S.O. or best friend or parents? Write it down in your will? I hope you understand the purpose is to prevent the server from being lost to the ether if the one admin gets hit by a bus

q: how to copy a word and go replacing other words with that?
a: `yiw` (yank in word), `viwp`(select a second word, then replace with first)

This is a new record for Rhubarb the Hacker Cat, sitting on my laptop while I changed the laundry for two minutes. She opened Seamonkey, changed the theme to this sweet silver style, and tried to email a link to the youtube video I was listening to. And fullscreened the original video.


My latest video was over 12 hours overdue. But it's a good one.

i've just added a "replies" section to my posts.

not a commentaries-section, but a replies-on-social-networks-section, beacause i think that's where the commentaries are really made nowadays.

and not an embedded-section, but just a link to the toot/tweet, because nobody should load code from unrequested sites.

When you're staying at a hotel and the Internet goes down, so you poke your head into the IT closet and reset the cable modem without permission. #JustITthings #QualityOfLife

What do you mean I have to wait for the #pinephone release for daily use :D

i decided to use rockstars' names. let me introduce you to my laptop, renamed as "kcobain".

i chose it because this computer (slimbook *C*lassic) was promising, but i'm afraid it will die young.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 is rolling out now with fixes to the Nexus 5 camera, Morph Browser improvements, and much more!

To learn more about OTA-9, including its new features and fixes, check out #ubports #linux #ubuntutouch

Attention #Fennec #FDroid / #Firefox users: The critical 66.0.4 update is now available via F-Droid to fix the broken add-on support because of an expired certificate. That was incredibly fast for F-Droid standards! Don't forget to revert any unofficial fixes.

Meanwhile #Ubuntu users are still waiting for the latest Firefox update to be deployed. πŸ™„ #ArmagAddon #Android #Mozilla

Not sure if we have any #Minecraft players here, but if you're looking for a really good 1.14 seed, you should try the seed below.


It has both a zombie and skeleton spawner right by spawn, and there's also a village right by spawn too. Plus loads of caves and mineshafts to explore too.

Someone has just released a rewritten Pocket Home (the custom GUI for the PocketCHIP). They are hoping to target other linux based diy pocket computers with small screens.

@kev @ubuntupodcast
That's kinda down to semantics. It's a fork, but still a whole different experience to use (mostly just installing software).

What's new in FluffyChat 11.7
New quick action button for taking pictures from a chat
Updated translations
- Minor bug fixes

@cameron I believe if you enable "Firefox Studies" in your settings. Eventually your extensions will become re-enabled. Once they are re-enabled you can disabled Firefox Studies.

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