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Or that one person who 3D printed a thing that let him mount a high powered camera lens to it

"What do you mean be 'hard coded' in the program?"


I'm probably the last to hear about this, but apparently if your channel is big enough google won't let you turn off ads on your channel.

which is really weird, and saddening.

The Corporation behind and the Admins of Twitter can see your “Private Messages”

The Corporation behind and the Admins of Facebook can see your “Private Messages.”

The Admins of Mastodon can see your Direct Messages. They aren’t private.

With Mastodon, you can spin up your own instance and be your own Admin.

Ultimately, don’t use any of these tools for actual private messages. Use Signal, Matrix/Riot or another end to end encrypted messaging tool.

I just found out that duckduckgo is doing a crowd funding campaign to provide funding for non profit privacy conscious organizations. I think their doing a donation match of up to 3k.

My favorites on the list are:
- Let's encrypt - provides free ssl certificates to poor saps like me.
- Terms of Service; Didn't Read - they provide short descriptions of TOS and privacy policy's, explaining what you are agreeing too.

We're here! *Kiki waves* Just in time for the 4.0 release later this week, watch this space!

I've read a few of this guy's articles and all the ones I've read have a good element of story telling to them as well as things to consider.

I think the follow up article to this was more useful to consider, but this one is very entertaining ( in a gossippy sort of way ).

What really frustrates me about these recruiters is that there are so, so many junior developers in NYC having a hard time because every time they apply they're told "we're looking for someone a little more senior"

Where do you think senior developers come from? We don't grow on tress – we come from juniors! Someone took a chance on me and it paid off for us both. But companies see it as too big a risk :(

I'd read some complaints of system76 recently. I thought I'd share my experience of having bought a laptop from them (pre-loaded with linux) and how I feel about them as a company.

Also I hope that any and all who read this (as in this particular toot) have an awesome day!😉

Was thinking about this funny comic I saw a while back. Here it is.

How to save the princess in 8 programming languages.

EFF vs IoT #DRM, OMG! The @EFF is suing the U.S. government over the constitutionality of DMCA 1201, which makes it illegal to tell you truthful things about the risks you face from your badly secured gadgets:
In case you missed it: F-Droid, the repository of #freesoftware apps for Android phones, is collaborating with @ExodusPrivacy and @YalePrivacyLab to create tools to automate the process of finding tracking in apps.

Redox is a Unix-like Operating System written in Rust, aiming to bring the innovations of Rust to a modern microkernel and full set of applications.

#rust #rustlang #redox #redoxos #foss

So, once upon a time I impulse ordered a 3d printer with absolutely 0 experience 3d modelling.

What would you (the plural you... you's) recommend for a newb?

details... I am using linux, and I prefer FOSS.

Considering pitching the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA) Board on joining @Liberapay

Little concerned about not seeing other large US-based FOSS orgs on there like FSF, EFF, SF Conservancy

We'd need to check into accounting, legal, security, etc. before implementing anything, too

What do you think, Mastodon?

Kinda quiet here... Anyone have any recommendations for interesting foss-people to follow on #Mastodon? #foss #linux #ubuntu #opensource

Well. I wrote a blarticle (what I know call blog articles) discussing a few different open sourcey phone projects. Spoiler, android isn't even mentioned.

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