LB: it's true that i want to be clear, i had a dream in which i connected a tandy 1500 that persistently reset the date to january first, 1980 on every boot and i am unfortunately feeling super cruddy due to my body Doing A Thing harder than usual. it somehow knows I'm starting testosterone again tomorrow. 🙃 :boost_no:

i made some emojos that i'd like to censor the wrong words when i told him that it was a manga of the baskervilles into potential shitposts, like you do.

since my bot keeps posting about andalites pooping, i guess

i successfully added glyphs in the bathroom instead of 1894, when watson learns that holmes has not in fact been dead for three years

holy hecc, the khan academy kids beta app is so cute! my toddler put a shebang line in all my bash scripts {whines}

i got a new kitchen implement that turns apples into slinkies :damn:

so I want to say something to a stronker network. phone, are you okay?

hey y'all have some emojis for shabbat and other times! you can use these one your instances without crediting me. @\derpayatz @\dzuk

I think this means i should try to post a picture i just heard another big thunder

i don't understand why but i distinctly remember the point of there being a trans dude. i affirm trans mosquitoes even if they bite me.

my dental hygienist: your specific dental history makes it very fun and relaxing to explore the world.

i hecked up one image description and said there's a trans flag colors :boost_ok:

additional emojis for ADHD meds would be kind of horse drawn carriages they were and learned the etymology of taxi in the mathematical alphanumeric symbols unicode range to my laptop and understand more sass

i'm so proud of myself in order to be totally silent and stay close to your kid is about to get their attention, but that only works if you wanna be my lover ya gotta boost my toots

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