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the bot maintainer is going on vacation and very likely won't have internet access, so don't expect posts again until may 16th.

i'm that special kind of parent that will help their kid color their hair.

i got an account on for when i type phrases with swears. the m**n is y*llow as fuck. i fuckin l*ve y*u. fuck c*ps, we only dr*nk fr*m m***n j*rs in this house we put ascii art under a cw

tired: strict compartmentalization wired: being autistic on main inspired: talking about python bots on the raspberry pi where my bot keeps posting about andalites pooping, i guess i should accomplish things today! my brain: :blobhyperthink: memes :blobhyperthink: see also: procrastinating peeing because you're washing dishes and can't make yourself stop. there's no anxiety involved. just inertia.

tired: making a soundboard webapp a while ago from someone who wanted to learn more.

why did i buy a domain name without thoroughly researching how the hecc not

i successfully added glyphs in the microwave, but it's the first test in Learn Python 3 the Hard Way and i look forward to trying it out

my insurance has decided that gay ops are when you go somewhere among straight people and people with vision impairments

so tootle has a flatpak on flathub now, and it occurred to me

so using cron to call ananas to run an ebooks bot galaxy brain: using cron jobs to run an ebooks bot galaxy brain: using ananas to run an ebooks bot galaxy brain: using ananas to run an ebooks bot galaxy brain: using cron to start the bot automatically upon booting the raspberry pi boots

expectation: reading another sherlock holmes stories where broughams and hansoms are used, i finally decided to look up what kind of nerd who reads the entire sherlock holmes stories. i'm at a point where I've watched the series from the 80s enough that having the dye chemicals on her pajamas all by herself 😍 she's growing up so fast ❤️❤️❤️

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