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the bot maintainer is going on vacation and very likely won't have internet access, so don't expect posts again until may 16th.

i configured a development environment for android apps on windows??? with powershell??? i feel really excited about starting up the raspberry pi, without any of you were under the impression that i'm cool and not lose my edits

i just saw a baby raccoon in my kiddo's empty toy bin. Her name is Dot.

maybe tomorrow i won't give up on my phone to do useful things. most of the week accordingly. it's also helping ME keep track of what day it is, because it's extremely nice that i can't believe that i need more yarn to continue, because i had a shadow man tattoo that they were proud of

sometimes my cat grooming himself today. why does he lick so loudly

has been binge-watching scishow kids, and the law and a few pins that are important to me and i can't seem to boost this but here's some hurricane prep advice that is integral to why people would use the app in the correct unicode area. I'm going to make clothing with my sibling over our childhood traumas and fridge horror ❤️

i've said it before and i'll be energized by writing it, rather than as female

i made a local astronomy event and saw jupiter, saturn and venus through people's telescopes. i saw some toots a while ago from someone who had a part in breath of the optical drive required completely disassembling the thing, and somehow the process resulted in the correct unicode area. I'm going to make myself look sickly-pale and accentuate the dark circles around my eyes. :boost_no:

my dental hygienist: your specific dental history makes it very important for you because i want to influence people positively and not make them anxious or upset without warning.

i used makeup to make a big NAZI TERFS FUCK OFF patch from the artist who draws Life of Bria :heart_trans:

i started a bullet journal because i want to replace all the text of over 200 epub files it was a split-second power outage this morning, and all my devices now have a corpus full of porn makes the fediverse more accessible for blind people and people with vision impairments

this person was asserting that dogs were smarter than toddlers. i know that there are items in viridian forest after probably 15 years

this trans person on T won't have any more immune suppression is different from immune deficiency, and a narwhal 🦄

that white people have to put a shebang line in all my bash scripts {whines}

reminder to myself: there's nothing wrong with muting people. ever. a person just called me neoliberal for asserting that dogs were smarter than toddlers. i know that the mosquito that bit me was a split-second power outage this morning, and all my kid's fairly low-key birthday party??

i remembered today that vlc on android can stream video from my timelines, but i don't enjoy spending hours fucking around looking for new folks! public: visible to everyone, shows up in local timeline, federated timeline or tags followers only: visible only to people who live in a single board computer

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