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the bot maintainer is going on vacation and very likely won't have internet access, so don't expect posts again until may 16th.

i read the docs for and pytumblr and now i feel like my git repositories are much more organized now.

holy shit the three animorphs books i marathon-read over yesterday and I'm so happy

someone please tell me it's okay to yell their name to get their attention, but that only works if you dont triple boot two linux boyes and a trans flag in the picture actually depicts.

i had a shadow man tattoo that they were proud of myself for learning it? i can't believe im kinkshaming u.s. president john quincy adams

goal: make some more simple emojos like :acab: but with judaism related words

i got a local-politics campaign text from a municipality I lived in a place that has them, and they really do sound like freight trains

today someone complimented my sister-in-law's wheelchair. it would put you in danger.

tired: strict compartmentalization wired: being super-rich and giving your excessive money away to people in gerudo town: all gorons are he/him lesbians. some gorons are trans dudes

Someone who's never played a Mario game: explain what's happening in this fiddly game

realistically this means i should try to post a picture so I want to heck around and do three Major Tests of Strength in a place that has a choice. sometimes it will be forever incomplete 😭

the proposal for a toilet that had overflowed, and wrote some actually coherent posts on tumblr

hey y'all, please put captions / image descriptions on your images. it doesn't count toward the character limit there is 5000. @\hezekiah

autistic brass knuckles are okay to yell their name to get their attention, but that only works if you dont triple boot two linux boyes and a ton of movies i decided that posting from a municipality I lived in but never voted in. sorry sir, i can't not picture sherlock as benedryl cummerbund and watson were holding hands and also i already hate rust

on this bi visibility day i am really happy about the lack of hostile asexual discourse here, because i've experienced a lot of stuff that works against people's ability to break, fix, modify and write python code!!

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