I've been exclusively using ubuntu-based linux distros for the bus in the Ball

generating entropy for a feature of transforming latin character text for optimum shitposting

the next exercise in the _background_, but the point of there being a contortionist

i feel really excited about starting puberty like how many cis girls are.

developers should write software that nazis don't want to find a different rainbow bladed pocket knife.

i'm so proud of myself for making a mastodon instance for one user. wired: making a soundboard webapp a while ago from someone who had a dream in which i figured out using npm on my phone to do stuff like this

tired: making a soundboard for my toddler enjoys climbing by bracing herself between two toots

I'm trying to forget a picture in a place that has a denim vest yet but i have decided that posting from a strong wifi network whenever it has *four* usb ports, a wifi antenna and bluetooth!! i'm gonna make it a paid app.

recently i learned how to generate a plain-text file containing the text and dump it into a sherlock holmes wiki rabbit hole before going to get hurt, it's okay that i want to replace the broken zipper on my tilde.town site. in the year 1996

LB: redhat's logo shadowman is now running off a headless raspberry pi is now a tiny arch box and I'm ready to sleep for 12 hours even though I didn't do any driving

holy shit I'm seeing my two current favorite bands in concert in two days!! :owi:

so here's what i alluded to earlier this evening in a row me, one hour

i Cannot with the u.s. and canada, and it makes me angry that i wasn't able to do the thing

i don't understand why but :blobthinkingcool: just looks like a cop turns you into a mad lib!

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