IDMT v0.5.0✨ you can delete :twitter: 🔫 with a denylist of words and hashtags

so the motorized synth that everyone was talking about this last NAMM uses drone parts to control the position of every knob. I can see every synth company in the world copying the idea and this will probably become the norm in the upcoming years. crazy how even annoying pieces of tech like drones can contribute to the common good

just pushed i_delete_my_tweets v0.2.0
now IDMT converts your Twitter archive to CSV so you can bypass the 3k per day hard limit (listing the tweets, the destroy limit should be the only problem now)✨ :twitter: 🔫


IMO the one-year cycle for OSes is a big mistake. They must know it because it's gotten to a point that their software is breaking their hardware but clearly the money they lose on repair still makes things worth it. They had to replace everything on my MacBook but for the bottom part that holds the serial number.

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Well, Monterey fried my 2019 macbook pro logic board. Not excited to upgrade mac os any time soon.


Feels like Apple is spending time presenting the smallest of software improvements, things that would never have made it to the stage in previous keynotes.

So after 4.5 years on the waiting list, I'm in the top position to buy a Cirklon2. I'm not sure I need it at this point, but thinking I should just not pass on the opportunity.

Social networks spin people's minds so out of control that if nothing new comes up, I see folks agreeing to invade Sweden over a slight cultural difference about hospitality. Hopefully, something new always comes up and we’ll move on to hating another useless thing altogether.

Got an interview request for a Perl+JQuery gig. I love Perl, it's the language I learned how to code in, but seriously, just the combination with JQuery screams legacy code in need of rescue.

I am really interested in the OB-X8, I used to listen to Oberheim sample packs and daydream about having one but I'll just wait and see. Sequential has been able to keep up with demand (bought my Prophet 6 last year) so let's see how things go in a year or two.

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I do not own an OP-1 because I don't think it would fit my flow but I've played around with one in their offices and I understand the appeal. Still, about hefty price tags, the new OB-X8 for 5k is also a little out of touch with reality but understandable if you look at the demand for their sound and the fact that it's really Sequential doing the manufacturing (meaning they will have to share a big part of their cut with them)

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I'm friends with one of the TE folks and know they've been thru hell with suppliers, more than most companies, and not only during COVID but charging 2k for the new OP-1 is a bold move. They are not catering to hobbyists or aspiring musicians anymore, they are repositioning the brand as luxury electronics.

Haven't been using Ruby for the last couple of years but I'm using it again from some side-projects and am kinda appalled there's no commitzen support for it that I can find.

Automagic semver managing with cz + standard-version + husky is one of the best things for development I've come across working with JS. I'm thinking of doing something for Ruby with Thor.

Finally wrapping my tweet deleting script into a CLI. You can configure thresholds to avoid deleting tweets having a number of faves or RTs and before a date. Adding some specs before making public, so watch this space.

the pièce de résistance of the new home office just in!

I have a failing cheapo 16-channel USB mixing desk from Behringer and after a lot of research, I'm switching to a Solid State Logic SiX Desktop Mixer. Usually, I just use Octatrack to mix everything but I also have my turntables in the studio so I do need a dedicated mixer, albeit a small one, for these things, my Focusrite USB interface is just not enough. I like how the SiX sits between a mixer and an interface and how you can reconfigure the IOs. They are also on sale everywhere. 💸

I'm torn between Figma and Android Studio as apps that give me tremendous anxiety while they load.

Why is there no local feed option in the official iOS app? Is that intended or a future feature?

Dreamt that a coworker from a previous gig was seating beside me on an airplane and she was running away from trouble, had a gun with her, which is totally not like her, and carry-on cash. I might check on her if she’s ok, it was super weird.

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