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Most online services are for 'free' because users pay with their data. Let's change this business model and take back our right to privacy!

Police face recognition tools 'inaccurate'

Its system incorrectly flagged 102 people as potential suspects and led to no arrests.

In figures given to Big Brother Watch, South Wales Police said its technology had made 2,685 "matches" between May 2017 and March 2018 - but 2,451 were false alarms.
Thank you, next please.

I played with this today on my Debian VM. rkhunter didn't find anything, but chkrootkit sensed something fishy: at least one hidden process. Good to know that old chkrootkit is still useful πŸ˜€
Use it people πŸ˜‰

I use CopperheadOS, so F-droid and Yalp are my only hope πŸ˜‰

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The Movement to Break Up Facebook Has Begun

Privacy and anti-monopoly advocacy groups launched the Freedom from Facebook campaign on Monday, demanding that the Federal Trade Commission force the social media giant to break up into four separate companies. Sensing a moment of weakness, activists hope to establish stronger privacy protections and cross-platform communication.

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I'm running an OnionShare receive mode server in a Qubes AppVM on a desktop computer that I'll just leave online for a long time.

It's not quite stable yet, but here's the work-in-progress pull request:

Anyway want to try sending me some files, anonymously and securely? Load this address in Tor Browser: uxhsndx5d3ufxqoj.onion/

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Don't forget that you can filter your timelines with a long press on each tab. If you want to filter toots containing some keywords, you only have to use the regular expression and combine these words with a pipe character "|".
Also you can filter your notification timeline.
#Mastalab #tips

Wooow... How do you feel now, Zuck? πŸ˜“

Cambridge Analytica Shared Data With Russia: Whistleblower | SecurityWeek.Com

I'm fed up with Twitter. It should be called microbragging site instead of microblogging.

Is there a setting in Mastalab to change the language? Can't find it

Ex-CIA man named as suspect in Vault 7 leak

Report claims former intel worker behind data dump

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Remember when Google said they would stop reading your emails? Well, they did not. Contrary to Google's business model, your right to privacy is at the heart of Tutanota. With our built-in encryption we could never read your emails.

I'm glad I deleted my account last year. Don't regret it especially while reading more news like this one:

How could the Facebook data slurping scandal get worse? Glad you asked

Three million "intimate" user profiles offered to researchers

I'm becoming more and more interested in protocol

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Internet Service Providers should never have the power to block or throttle connections to certain websites. From our own experience, we know how devastating this could be:
However, in the US, they are about to abandon net neutrality. We call on all our users in the US to fight for net neutrality now!

Done. One thing which was weird for me during installation is that it left much unused space in LVM after allocating partitions. Fortunately I checked it and resized /home before beginning installation πŸ‘

Vega Stealer Malware Takes Aim at Chrome, Firefox

While it’s a simple payload for now, researchers said Vega has the ability to evolve into something more concerning in the future.

That's why I recommend using Brave browser