I found a Euro 96 box of matches.

I don't know what to do with them.

Man I've got a load of old tat!

5 former jobs, 5 tags

1. Technical Project manager
2. Senior Software Engineer
3. VBA Developer
4. URE Developer
5. Front end developer

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Now we're all indoors, time to go through all the drawers.

I found this beauty!

I used to love my Nokia phones πŸ“±β€οΈ

Right! It's beer o'clock! Anyone up for meeting virtually for a beer?


Working on a problem yesterday which I worked out how to do just before going to sleep last night.

Can I remember this morning? Can I toffee!!!!

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what if I do an AMA on anything CSS, Tailwind, React, Gatsby, NextJS...?

that could be a good livestream!

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I wrote a post about my favorite features of Theme-UI in @gatsbyjs@twitter.com projects. It is a huge productivity win for me.

I started writing this before COVID-19 got really serious. Feel free to skip, it doesn't seem like the time for content like this.


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Borderlands Legendary Collection – Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer youtu.be/R08Bxbr9Tq0 via @YouTube@twitter.com

Yay! I broke 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel πŸŽ‰

Thanks to everyone who subscribed πŸ™

I'll be back making videos soon πŸ‘

If you're interested channel is here: ss10.dev/yt

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@michelgotta@twitter.com My best joke is my code

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So our wedding has been postponed for obvious reasons and we had 115 chocolate Lindt bunnies as wedding favours - time for a bunny wedding of course!

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