I spent a bit of time creating a from scratch to full web dev environment with WSL and Fedora 33

If you use WSL already this will get you from install to e2e testing in under 30 minutes!


Mailing list if you want to go into the draw for some dev sticker swag!


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I have a bit of a sticker collection to give away!

I'm thinking I can give away three packs of ten stickers a week for the next month!

I'm going to send them to you free of charge!

In exchange I ask that you sign up to my newsletter, deal?

"How do you stay motivated all the time?"

I don't. I started back in December 2016 and made sure I made a commit each day.

Now it's a habit!

This is my experience, yours will differ!

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2021 is the year of client projects. 2020 was interview hell. Hit me up if you or someone you know wants something built. 🦩πŸ”₯

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OM wowing G @craigaloewen@twitter.com is my new goto resource for all things WSL!!

If you use WSL then I strongly suggest you go check his Twitter TL for all the WSL hotness!!

My mind was already 🀯 today!!

Now Craig comes in with this!!

I haven't written one line of code today!!!

One line!!!

Now I have to mess around trying this!!

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@spences10@twitter.com Yup! A fun one to try is the mini root file system on Alpine's download page

You can also export any docker container to a tar file using `docker export` and then import that into WSL!


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If you are a Windows WSL user, did you know you can import your own version of Linux to use?

I have been playing with Fedora 33 today and documenting getting it running with GUI tools like Puppeteer and Cypress

Daily checklist time!

Better late than never, right?

I managed to do a morning and afternoon walk! You proud of me @PaulieScanlon@twitter.com


I've been a bit distracted today!

I'm writing up how to use Fedora 33 in Windows Subsystem for Linux

It's not a package from the Windows store

It's the Dockerhub rootfs version I'm importing and using! 🀯

This is dope!

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✨ Gatsby 2.30.0

πŸŒ…Gatsby Image (beta) improvements
- Remote image support
- AVIF support

🚧SSR during development
⚑30% faster image transformations
πŸ”ŽQuery on Demand & Lazy Images during development


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Check out the post on installing Chrome in on (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Get's around the broken Snap dependency πŸ‘

Link in next tweet πŸ‘‡


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For some reason you can't `sudo apt install chromium` on Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Ubuntu wants you to use snap to install it.

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Check out this post on getting Fedora 33 set up in Windows Subsystem for Linux

All you need to get a Linux distro running _not_ on the Windows store 🀯


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Why is there this stereotype that Windows OS sucks? I've used it for 5+ years pretty heavily (development, creating, heavily customized OS) and I haven't had any major problems??

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Shout out to @FabioRosado_@twitter.com for starting his new dev job!

Congratulations Fabio πŸŽ‰πŸ•Ί

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