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If you don't do .NET development, then I recommend using . It's a fork, but all Microsoft telemetry taken out

I've been really loving VS Code. Just recently added the Git Graph extension and 😍

@trickster I heard the current top tier build is a dopamine addiction to numbers going up

they want numbers you say? oooooo I'll give em a number

if (like me) you ever wondered whatever happend to the top-level domains of former eastern bloc states:
.dd (east germany): withdrawn in 1990, never used "on the net", just in university networks
.su (soviet union): still in use, even though it probably shouldn't be, ~117.000 domains
.yu (yugoslavia): deleted in 2010, ~4000 domains vanished
.cs (czechoslovakia): deleted in 1995, 114 domains vanished

sometimes you get the Lyft drivers whole life story

I've just discovered as an alternative that doesn't require admin privileges for everything

wow I can't believe it 180 days of admin privileges on my laptop bless the merciful IT gods

I feel like Markdown does not get enough credit. Idk the stats but the amount of information it has spread is probably like a really big amount and that's neat

I would like to understand how write a parser that includes source maps and how to plug that into

- automatically keep package.json up to date based on dependencies used in source code
- enforces JSDoc comments
- TYPE CHECKS JSDoc comments
- GENERATES A README from JSDoc comments
- formats and compiles that shit up

🔥 💥

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