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caturday is here again! am so glad that something so good comes around every week!

Timelines everywhere about to get real liberal

Principle of Least Effort or, as I love to say, Wu wei

just remembered ads exist and made myself mad

The only thing chaotic about anarchism is how many subdivisions it has


In January 1960 a strip was published showing a conversation between Charlie Brown and Linus van Pelt. Charlie asks Linus whether he thinks much about the future. Linus replies that he does. Charlie asks what he wants to be when he grows up, and Linus replies “Outrageously happy!”


"In an effort to quickly get to know one another, especially with us all being remote, I’d like to do a team building/forming exercise. I have 25 questions below..."

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grow up?

Unencumbered by the tight constrain of authoritarian demagogues cloaked in a false democracy propped up by crony capitalism.

can't get any networking working inside WSL2 on the corporate machine :aaaaa:

you can't take my money if I never have any. check mate losers 😎

"Chief Product Owner" lmfao only 'cause I ain't pull this plug, yet

let's collectively prank the State like a four year old by pretending like it doesn't exist :goose_honk: forever tho

Calmly letting people tell me things I already know

Written by notorious transphobe J.K. Rowling while roleplaying as a man named Robert :rollsafe:

unpopular opinion, leftwing behavior 

I consider myself as a leftist/wannabe anarchist but(yea, fucking but) this tendency to tear people to pieces, simply because they are not( yet) aware of a problem, people of a minority or with an interest in edge-topics have is utter bullshit.

Educate people, don't build resistances before they have the chance to understand. Screaming at people online who don't know better will do two things:
1. Bring NO change at all
2. Damage the conversation as a whole

Hello nerds, I wanna get a new for personal hackery and I'm certain y'all got opinions so go ahead and lay them on me please and thank you

At some point I'll probably have concrete work tasks but until then I'm currently getting paid to eat snacks and read Kropotkin, this is not a complaint.

I love these drawings of link from the legend of zelda game manual they are incredible

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