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I can't figure out what magic words gets the Bitwig API to select a device in a channel's device chain but it's like the last thing I need for the first iteration of my controller integration

Even the statement, “Let’s invite more Black people to the table,” implies ownership of the table and control of who is invited.

Racism is about power.

i hate that peoples lives hang in the balance of those who make hiring decisions, i hate that we dont have unions, it all sucks

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I've been drinking a lot of iced tea since I've moved back to Denver and so I thought I'd share my recipe!

add tea to ice

honestly if you have an opportunity to make a cop's day a little worse, please do it. White people especially.

If you look like someone who the cops expect support from, disabuse them of that notion.

I enjoy that mastodon servers go down occasionally, gives them that cozy home grown vibe

hacking more on my MPK Mini + BitWig integration today. half the battle/fun is deciding what the buttons will do! I'm hoping I can get the pads setup as clip slots that I can tap to record loops

browsing for sources of income and moving some repos over to codeberg today

lol second wave

we're still riding the first wave, don't kid yourselves

I don't really have any news outlet in my things-to-check rotation anymore. all my feeds are of cool people posting about their thoughts and hobbies

Its a problem. Ok liberals what's the way out of this mess you guys keep pushing?

Did you know #SoftwareLibre git service provider @codeberg is on Mastodon? If you don't know what Codeberg is, it's a service you should use instead of GitHub (which is owned by Microsoft) and (which has proprietary components).

my gf could kick your ass. actually i could get a team of girlfriends to extremely kick your ass and prolly topple your country to be honest. ye they're pretty cool

fun with linux 


I have the Zoom client installed on my computer (the only things I use it for don't need encryption). And every time I leave the computer for any length of time, when I come back, the Zoom client has started on its own.

It's not a specific interval. It's not a specific time. It just seems to be any time I'm away from the computer for more than 15 minutes; when I wake the computer back up, Zoom's sitting there, waiting.

I check running daemons, I poke at background tasks - nothing.
Finally, it occurs to me: "when I wake the computer up". So on a hunch, I check xscreensaver - which has an oooold screensaver called "zoom". I don't have that screensaver installed, but it's listed in the possible screensavers, so xscreensaver checks for it - and it doesn't just check the screensavers directory, it checks $PATH too.

I remove the "zoom" line from ~/.xscreensaver - and the problem goes away.

just wanna say everyone is absolutely killing it with the posting great work proud of you all

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