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it's incredibly distracting to have a vocal processor on deck. I'm just out here singing to myself

it should be generic to just git I think and have built in support for versioning the repo or folders within. Enforced conventional commits + a semver tool that tags the repo up like <folder>@<version>

other tools can grab the version info from git tags and do things like update the package.json, tag a docker image or publish a new version to a registry

currently I only see tools that are node/lerna specific and this seems to be all able to be baked into vanilla git

Getting close to hacking up conventional commit and semantic versioning utilities that don't depend on Lerna/Node


It's been 17 days since I emerged from my slumber. This new world is dark and ugly and dangerous but in the end not much different than what I knew before. If anything it's perhaps just more honest.

Recently I've discovered a breached ship with an adorable robo crew. They're all programmed to pre-war standards of battle and express great love for their cause! I'm helping to get their beautiful vessel purring once more 🚢

clawing out of the pits of lethargy by sipping this earthy dark substance I pulled from a strange fauceted box at the local confectionery

Main Makefile defines where the services are and then recursively calls make with --makefile Makefile.docker on each. So it's just two Makefiles. And you could easily scale it to build multiple different source types not just docker. Idk I've never used make before it's kinda fun!

I'm extremely satisfied with how effective using Makefiles for this monorepo worked out. recursive make ftw

was watching this dude on Twitch testing code portability on old 20 year old Sun systems he had getting lit when things would compile

same but I'm using the absolute latest build of Windows on a new computer, portability goes many ways

as far as I'm concerned Caps Lock is Ctrl and everyone else has it wrong

I've joined what appears to be a rising tankie faction posturing as the primary enemy to the Institute, a secret tech giant that stole my son. I've become dependent on alcohol for battle but not addicted, I've got too much charisma for that. Thanks to the Brotherhood I know longer struggle for supplies.

I depart for the Glowing Sea soon. A run away Institute scientist is hiding out there and I'd like to chat with him.

The user could be using a Mac Pro or something for poor people like an... android device

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