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you can trick semantic version into bumping with a BREAKING CHANGE and by manually tagging the commit with the version you want

you SHOULD NOT do this. but you can

It's not very easy to use semantic release in a monorepo which is making me sad


Yes technically I didn't produce the wealth I got from robbing this bank but I took a risk for it and therefore should be allowed to keep it

What the fuck am I talking about, you ask? Excellent question. The truth is, scholars have been baffled by the mystery of what the fuck I"m talking about since the beginning of the recorded history of me.

#YoMigroAMastodon or "I Migrate to Mastodon" is the top trending Twitter hashtag right now in Spain, and number 37 worldwide, following more censorship of leftist content and suspension of accounts on birdsite.

Give it another few years, folks, and Twitter will be dead. They can't keep playing this game much longer. Their top trending hashtag on their own platform is one that promotes moving away from the platform, as a result of their own actions. That's... incredibly bad.

Let's show our support for our Spanish comrades, and help them find a home on the Fediverse. It's important that the transition from Twitter isn't temporary.


Muestremos nuestro apoyo a nuestros camaradas españoles y ayúdelos a encontrar un hogar en Fediverse. Es importante que la transición de Twitter no sea temporal.

Vaya a estas URL para obtener más información y obtener ayuda sobre cómo migrar:


might quit work and run one of those hot glue video facebook accounts

I'm highly skeptical of this Google Home Mini promotion with Spotify Premium, still copped tho

that being said I'm not gonna do anything about it anytime soon

why are we collectively okay with how Jenkins looks? Are we really that scared of CSS?

🎄❄ Happy Holidays folks!

I heard the pleasant melodies of a Christmas tune grace my ears as I took a short stroll. It grew closer until I was just about to pass by the owner of such a festive apartment and then a man heaves his head out the window, coughs at me and flips me off for the rest of the block

Christmas Eve out here grinding VS Code and WSL to a halt

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