You have 3 more hours to be apart of the _exclusive_ few to follow my new account on my self-hosted instance @specter _on the day of my birth_ :saddestcat:

gonna migrate to @specter so follow me there! these toots _should_ delete automatically after a couple months

wish me luck I'm hosting my own home now :ohnocat:

"Assuming that OpenSSL is written as carefully as Wietse's own code, every 1000 lines introduce one additional bug into Postfix."


If you havin' firewall problems I feel bad for you son. I've got 65535 ports but `iptables -A INPUT -j DROP` each one

*obtains aux*
support: thank you for calling Spectrum can I get your name and account number?
me: just throw us back on hold we'll hang up in a couple hours when we're done ~ vibing ~

work I understand but vultr is giving me trouble with SMTP ports :cate:

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Both things I've tried to accomplish today resulted in me getting hard blocked by firewalls outside of my control.

I've heard tales of how foolish it can be to run your own mail server so I've installed postfix to experience first hand what it's like to be one of those Fools.

Of course I'm down, as in flaky
because yes I'm free
as in I never make plans
because they scare me

works perfectly swell as a media server :blobcoffee: I'm streaming my legally obtained copy of SpongeBob season one rn vibin'

a todo.txt can grow into a whole directory full of todo.txt's. some of them even grow up to be markdown or even code occasionally!

even more annoyingly this old server does that bash shit where it fucks up arrow keys and has no tab completion so I've been slowly. typing. every. character.

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almost fucked myself real good by exporting just my data/files folder from which is encrypted

mastodon, activity pub 

I like the idea of but with post options in this order: private -> mutual (one or many) -> followers -> instance -> broadcast

I feel like encouraging this flow can help build journaling habits and thinking about who your audience is when you decide to publish somewhere more visible than privately. This might shift the anxiety of "should I post" to "how much of a blast radius do I want this to post to have" where the default is "it will have none"

@mishari good looking out. I'd use volumes for anything I was trying not to lose

So Nextcloud is cool but I'm thinking most of what I want is just and so I feel like maybe I could just run docker containers for these things?

I was hoping it would be less difficult to run nextcloud via docker but I have a running instance now, that's absolutely broken

Can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong with my nginx, nextcloud and docker setup. fastcgi is going through but I'm getting a file not found screen. I'm so close

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