Apparently I have to have a good reason to use and learning isn't enough πŸ™ƒ

I think the corporate firewall blocks

I don't fully understand what started the dark mode movement but I am a fan

Are you trying
to escape from
us?! Get back
into your cell,

Seems like the finicky bit of is gonna be variable ownership but I'm excited to mess with macros

@manuelcaeiro because my corporate box is one version behind the fixed copy and paste in WSL

copy and paste works but ctrl-h doesn't, which I use to move left in tmux/vim πŸ™ƒ

Is going to be exceedingly slow? Will copy and paste be worth it? Stay tuned!

I have to listen to the shittiest podcast every morning called "stand up"

There's basically a 0% chance I'll ever get one of these sinnoh stones and I remain tight about it

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