back on this modular synthesis tip! gonna try and program a little midi music box with some logic gates and stuff 🎶

out here catching flags with @_gg and friends for DEFCON

@_gg nah I've made him swim instead of walk, changed his color pallette and made half his head "big Mario" but I can't find the damn mustache

checkin out this online-only DEFCON stuff tomorrow

@Nikolai_Kingsley yeah same curious if there are any other alternatives I might be sleeping on

Just started reading this book about Che Guevara I found in the closet of the room I'm staying in and so far, I wish I had some yerba mate

gonna be taking my first dive into some Assembly code tonight for a secret mission which I'm very excited to accomplish hopefully 🤞🏻

can't get my computer to recognize this Kindle at all. Everybody on the internet says the cable can be picky I guess?

she's super proud of herself like she hunted and killed this thing and has been playing and then sleeping with it all day

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Am I dead? I backed up EVERY photo I've ever taken since 2011 and my life flashed before my eyes :scaredycat:

while true ; do cat globe.vt | pv -L9600 -q | GREP_COLORS="ms=01;32" egrep --color=always "[^ ]+" | GREP_COLORS="ms=01;44" egrep --color=always -e "\ +" | sed 's/^.\[01;44m//' ; done # Level up

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I want to have the conversation that recruiters get to have directly with the company they are working with

but instead they have that conversation and then they try and sell it to me like a used car

then the company acts like I'm lying to them about myself while they aggressively trial me until finally maybe (but usually not) I get to have an unencumbered real conversation about


I let Pixel explore the other side of the basement and after about 10 minutes she came running back with this rubber band in her mouth :blobaww: :bongocat:

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