First thing I do with any of my Android phones is remove the Google shit and keep my home screen environment clean. The friction of opening the app drawer to find Instagram or other apps I don't actually like means I use them a lot less. FF focus reduces cognitive friction around searching because I'm not spending time wondering how the algorithm will process my curiosity for later targeting. The result ends up being I use my phone for reasons more so than idling.

vestigial rage 

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covid, NYC police 

hoppin off for now but this was a fun one. Ty to the homie who gifted a rapier as I knocked them out

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the goal was to make vaporwave-esque hold music, I feel pretty good about the result

There's actually probably zero difference between this setup and what I would use on Mac or Linux. WSL is a lil weird to grok at first but you get docker setup and that's probably the hardest part. You don't even need WSL until you want to use build tools that powershell can't. Even docker can be launched from PS. The barrier to entry is really low imo and still devs are like Windows :scaredycat:

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1) I just wired my record player up for sampling

2) I had no idea you could add just audio to mastodon posts that's nifty!

check out these weird noises!

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