Just started reading this book about Che Guevara I found in the closet of the room I'm staying in and so far, I wish I had some yerba mate

I let Pixel explore the other side of the basement and after about 10 minutes she came running back with this rubber band in her mouth :blobaww: :bongocat:


Hi Talon,

Hey Talon, happy Friday!

You suck do you know anyone better?

USPS, capitalism 

So USPS has a pretty effortless address change flow and at the end they're like oh hey also register to vote! and I'm like dope! But then capitalism was like BUT FIRST

Actually I've validated your validation logic and it's fucking wrong

the ElementaryOS iso is 1.4G this seems wrong?? Idk enough about disk speeds to understand why this is taking over an hour though?

so nix-env -i works but then I run into a Qt error. It wants 5.13 and I have 5.12? :screamcat:

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documentation of the SPIDER that was IN MY MOUTH

Pixel is extremely confused but also chill as hell about driving across the country

this is my first laptop ever (Dell XPS 14Z), got it in 2012 when I graduated high school. Been using it again recently and I've missed Linux so much! :archlinux:

Coming back to it after several years too I have so much more fluency with ! Been geekin out so hard doing maintenance, going deep and customizing everything though!

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