Written by notorious transphobe J.K. Rowling while roleplaying as a man named Robert :rollsafe:

Pixel has established dominance. The dog barked and whined and was generally very upset that he could not get inside because she sat perfectly content in the doorway

the neighborhood I'm staying in is just about the highest altitude in the area

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I intended to do the reverse of my route yesterday which was 9 miles but then I got lost and decided wu wei! I like getting lost

bouta DROWN these big-eyed square creatures in hemp milk and EAT them 😈

Smoke cleared up a lot today you can actually see the mountains, happy to have been able to get back on my bike!

Just started reading this book about Che Guevara I found in the closet of the room I'm staying in and so far, I wish I had some yerba mate

I let Pixel explore the other side of the basement and after about 10 minutes she came running back with this rubber band in her mouth :blobaww: :bongocat:

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