Hi Talon,

Hey Talon, happy Friday!

You suck do you know anyone better?


@specter wow. ok, then.
welp, if you feel up for it, you could write them back, suggest they consider hiring & training you, since they're having so much trouble finding exactly what they want. which could either cause them to realize they're a rude jerk, or maybe put a seed in their minds to rethink their strategy.
(I've been on teams where if we couldn't find someone senior, we went with people who seemed like they'd be interested in learning new skills.)
hang in there!


@specter Answer:

Hey ________, happy weekend.
I got you while I was searching for a job.
I don't think based on what you answered me you should be a great fit for your position, but I just wanted you to know that people like yourself normally get what they deserve.

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