I was editing all these settings files with vim by hand but then I wrote a lil shell script with prompts that seds that shit right up.

what if I just don't wanna be in the fifteen person phone meeting? What if that's just not something that I would like to participate in?

RMS is a reminder to look up from the terminal occasionally

Today I will be diligently muting "@here" for every channel I get a notification from

Bash fun 

When the boss says "That shouldn't take too long to do."

also anytime this repo hangs up chrome also freezes which is so cool

> git fetch origin [branch]


> git checkout [branch]

error: pathspec [branch] did not match any file(s) known to git.

??? πŸ™ƒ

"It took 11.49 seconds to enumerate untracked files."

I despise this repo

I thought I'd be able to do more than just this but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ


I didn't realize instagram had such a shitty API

"It cost roughly $60,000 to print all of the fare beater ads, which is paid for out of a $40 million investment by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s office to crack down on fare beaters."


$60000 is ~21,818 swipes πŸ€”

I stopped playing Pokemon GO when I realized how difficult it is to get sinnoh stones

Last time I was on an aeroplane, I exited to find that they had somehow changed what city I was in while I was distracted by the loud noises inside. It was spooky as all get out. I'd like to try to watch and see if I can catch the trick if they try it again this time, but the chair that they told me to sit in isn't next to one of the portals.

This corporate laptop runs a version of windows _just_ behind the update that fixed copy and paste in the Ubuntu terminal. It would be nice to manage my own updates...

me: *has existence acknowledged in anyway*
me: I'm sorry but I did not consent to this

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