If you don't come out of this quarantine with:

-Mastery of the secrets of the arcane
-The ability to summon a raven companion with eyes that see all and whispers to you forbidden knowledge in your sleep
-The elixir to eternal life

You didn't lack time, you lack discipline.

"a feather
slowly burning
floats through my bones
the flame
crackles yearning
it longs to be home 🏡
rip & tear until it is done"

new hiring rule: you have to solve my code challenge first

covid, hot take 

covid, normalcy 

Sure, to make an apple pie from scratch you must first invent the universe. But to make plans for later this year you must first imagine a whole civilisation.

You don't miss work. You miss the social interactions and relationships that come through work.

while it might be great for "demand", capitalizing on human need ain't it fam.

annnnddd I added an app to auto-delete tweets so it cleans up after itself

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Instead of creating a Twitter app to automatically download Switch media I post. I added a Mastodon cross poster, with an auto "video games" CW

This is the only use I have for Twitter, can you imagine if Nintendo added Mastodon support 😍

kinda fucked up how "free" refers to both money and personal liberties

Allow me to share with you a song I made once, hosted on my raspberry pi, with NextCloud! :opensource:


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