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ring around the rosey
the system fails us slowly
business is dead
financial dread
yet we all continue growing 🌱

I plugged three hard drives in yesterday and two of them only worked at the right angle and the other has a Bitlocker password I can't remember.

man if I could slap that stupid smirk off Amazon's face...

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the 🙂 emoji, you have to start it with the 🙃 emoji

here's a lil draft of the kit + an Echobode instance I think the most important thing I realized by getting really intimate with the engines is how frequencies interact and also how that plays with loudness in the mix

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spent the day designing an 8 piece drum kit with the Bitwig drum synthesizers and I learned so much about tuning and music theory it feels great!

Spending the last few months learning about open source and FOSS alternatives to the programs I used every day has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Having spent the last month writing about it all for fellow newbies has been a humbling one.

Imagine that the privacy/security scale is 0 to 5. Ive found that the biggest hurdle is getting from 0 to 1. Going from not caring to caring, that’s huge. After that it’s just a matter of scale.

I am collecting examples and counter examples of #ConsentfulDesign.

The CW feature on Mastodon is a good example. Newsletter pop ups would be a bad example.

This will be for a resource where people can look up a common bad practice and see consentful alternatives. It will be CC licensed and community-curated. All who want to be credited publicly will be.

Boosts welcomed for visibility.

Thank you!

#Design #LibreUX #UX

Microsoft is so insidious... they're worming their way into every major language community and are doing their absolute best to ingratiate themselves with the FOSS community while they continue to destroy computing for consumers

who wants to join my new incubator for a variety of gamification experiments I'm calling What's the Point?

ex. an app that uses the contact tracing API to measure how long you've been IRL with an individual as a relationship score :stonks:

don't make me tap the sign (the sign says "racism is only about 400 years old, was purposefully invented by major figures in the Enlightenment as part of their self-serving justification of power, and is not a primordial part of human nature that exists in all societies throughout space and time")

because my code editor automatically closes parens, before I can express sadness I get astonishment


I use a clientless web architecture: no one visits my websites

might have to drop this next project under the pen name MIDI Me

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