and I'm getting paid out the ass to do this πŸ€‘

password rotation locked me out of my computer and my phone is dead so I'm just sitting here keeping my laptop awake on the login screen for my phone to charge

using and the package registry it's pretty easy to spin up your own JavaScript registry

been setting up a bunch of infrastructure to streamline side projects

wish my terminal rendered emoji but I'm not gonna stop using them in my cli's and logs 😎

imma write an astrology book

Straight Eye for the Queer Sky

I know many on the fediverse are concerned with privacy, demanding that their activities not be collected. The 9th circuit court in the US recently ruled that it’s not a crime to scrape web sites, even if the terms of use for a site prohibit it.
Also, it’s recently come to light that twitter employees abused their access to help foreign governments.

The fediverse is small and β€œnichey”, but we should be cognizant that our activity is most likely being collect and analyzed for various purposes.

I was using fedilab for too long Subway Tooter is amazing!

If you are
easily offended

I'm enjoying Apollo Server so far. I extended the RESTDataSource class so I could pass in a declarative config and have it automatically bind resolvers to the datasource.

write some GraphQL
map query names to endpoints
ship it

feels nice ☺️

Out here counting beeps on my smoke detector 4 means CO 5 means it's dying??

My cat is still alive are they like canaries?

Don't reshape
the heart,
follow what the
step has said.

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