also once this works imma look into automatically adding the test results to the README like a lie detector for your usage docs

been hacking on this literate babel plugin. it's very close to complete but I'm getting a dumb babel error

stay tuned!

Do not hurt
other players
if you are

Also this is a fun way to write code! It's a combination of README and test driven development!

I think I've convinced myself to switch to TypeScript and find a nice literate sorta lib

I guess the main motivation to literately compose tests is then you're writing about how to use the code write next to the examples, which is sorta like psuedo-testing what you're saying the thing does. And usage documentation is fairly subjective so it fits a handwritten, flexible style

Fun part is with TypeScript the API docs can be generated from the source code. Handwriting this kind of documentation is too messy

Been messing with tests and docs thinking JSDoc @example's could be used as jest tests

or maybe a literate test file would suffice

JSDoc handles API great but tests tell a user story, combining them into a README as Usage and API sections seems like it would be useful

Being a programmer is turning me into an anarchist: I always seem to want to eliminate state.

and I'm getting paid out the ass to do this 🤑

password rotation locked me out of my computer and my phone is dead so I'm just sitting here keeping my laptop awake on the login screen for my phone to charge

using and the package registry it's pretty easy to spin up your own JavaScript registry

been setting up a bunch of infrastructure to streamline side projects

wish my terminal rendered emoji but I'm not gonna stop using them in my cli's and logs 😎

imma write an astrology book

Straight Eye for the Queer Sky

I know many on the fediverse are concerned with privacy, demanding that their activities not be collected. The 9th circuit court in the US recently ruled that it’s not a crime to scrape web sites, even if the terms of use for a site prohibit it.
Also, it’s recently come to light that twitter employees abused their access to help foreign governments.

The fediverse is small and “nichey”, but we should be cognizant that our activity is most likely being collect and analyzed for various purposes.

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