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ring around the rosey
the system fails us slowly
business is dead
financial dread
yet we all continue growing 🌱

the fact that a 'report people to the police' app released and was then completely crashed within about 3 minutes by K-Pop fans bombarding it in music video clips is proof that revolutionary praxis can be both effective AND hilarious

So, techies, I'm going to remind you of this:

Not everything is a "tech" problem.

That runs counter to our experiences, our training, and our industry, I know.

Hang back; there are people out there who do amazing things without us. Listen to them.

Curfews are a great example of how law works in this country. They don't create the curfew because they think it will prevent a behavior from happening, they create the curfew because they want a legal reason to throw you in jail and attack you. they create laws as justification to target specific people they hate.

there is no heart more radical than another we fight in self-defense against those unloved by their mothers

The police at Flint have defected.

They, under order of their chief, have laid down their weapons and taken off their helmets and have joined in protesting and marching.

saying good bye to NYC has been one of the most emotionally turbulent and personally transformative experiences in my life. One more week

ask your depression why
your thoughts have been so clouded
we don't need the money
we can do cool shit with out it
the bees are makin honey
the flowers they are sproutin'

peep into the river
where the trout swim
spot your reflection
and don't doubt him

it's a hymn
not a shout
lookin' in
not out
learn to the love the rain
when you're livin in a drought
plant seeds
in the pain
heal the shame
as they sprout

relenquish all blame as you scout

When its all caramelised serve it. I like to have it with rice and veggies.

The end.

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Oh someone took the time to write down what I tell people since ages in a very nice way to read and understand:

TL;DR: Frameworks come with huge tradeoffs, choose them wisely and if possible avoid them. They build stuff in a very generic way and may develop into a direction that doesn't fit your project at all. Try to stay vanilla, prefer libraries over Frameworks and learn how to code the language, not the framework.


whoooooooomst art thou

whomst whomst
whomst whomst

Super Komputer.
I made it to be
able to sustain

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