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The vision: A git CLI utility for writing conventional commits used to derive semantically versioned tags, that plays nicely with monorepos.

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:drake_dislike: an unknown quantity of key value pairs created from a recursive prompt

:drake_like: an object of known keys that map to a prompt flow to retrieve their value


ha no cause I got wrecked by async control flow, gonna have to reconsider

I forgot I wrote the bulk of the recursion last night so I might maybe make a commit using the thing I've been working on 🤷‍♂️

gonna grab some coffee and then hack together a recursive CLI prompt, I'll slap a stream link here in a bit if ya wanna say hi



unfortunately, as you may already know, gamers

I should’ve realized it sooner. Self-centered, lazy, anti-social... I’m an artist.

what kinda projects are there working on git and software distribution tools? We working on federating NPM yet?

are you typing or knitting? loom or a keyboard? hard to say hard to tell

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