Computer purchase decision 

This weekend I was intending to fire up Xcode and explore an iOS app idea, but I’ve been spoiled by my company laptop (M1 Pro 16”) and now my personal machine (Skylake iMac) feels pokey for that kind of work.

More waiting might not seem like a big deal, but it has a way of eroding away the excitement of bringing an idea to life. Constant responsiveness is worth a lot.

So now I’m debating trading in the iMac for something newer.

You know you’re in for a good time when the only search result for the programming problem you’re wrestling is a stack overflow post from two years ago with the latest reply being, “has anybody figured this out yet?”

Question for Linux folks — when building a CSS system font stack, is there a better option to cover the majority of Linux desktops than Bitstream Vera Sans?

Have been tinkering on a lightweight blog template and it looks great under macOS and Windows, but the metrics on Vera Sans are so much more wide than the Helvetica-like proportions of San Francisco and Segoe UI which makes it look awkward under Linux.

Have been watching screenshots of old Kaleidoscope schemes and Shapeshifter themes rolling into my timeline for the past few days courtesy of @osxthemes and wow, I forgot how well-crafted some of these are. A form of artistry was lost when deep desktop customization fell out of style.

Hey! I'm John, a software dev in Oregon specializing in native mobile apps.

In my off time, I tinker on desktop Mac app projects because that's where my roots are. I have a bit of an artsy side that gets to come out when working on the UI and graphics of my apps. I also dabble in and want to get into digitally painting landscapes and concept art.

I don't post often, but a couple of those personal projects are almost ready to show off bits and pieces of, so that may change soon!

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